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Allowlisting of Email Addresses or Servers

UIS does not support vendor requests for email allowlisting or DKIM allowed senders.  These options are not needed when vendors use current industry supported email standards.

Best Practices for Sending New or Unusual Emails

This article gives best practices for any time a university office is going to send out a message that asks recipients to do something new or unusual, or that comes from a new or unusual source.  Failure to follow best practices might mean recipients rejecting important messages, believing they are phishing.

Changing Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo to a New Phone

If you are a university employee using Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo, and you use your phone as an authentication device, and you get a new phone, you will need to transition over to using the new phone as your authentication device. If you have your credentials backed up using Duo Restore, you can restore your saved credentials to the new phone. Otherwise, you can transition from your old phone to the new phone as follows.

Comparing Pacific Gmail Setup Options for macOS

A comparison of the local application options for setting up Gmail on macOS. This guide goes over the Native macOS Applications, Outlook Classic, and New Outlook, and the differences between them.

Comparison of Google Collaborative Inboxes vs. Organizational Accounts With Google Mailboxes

With our transition from Exchange to Google Workspace for employee mail and calendaring, we became unable to offer organizational accounts with Exchange mailboxes for departmental use.  Owners of these Exchange mailboxes have been given a choice to transition to a Google Collaborative Inbox or a Google Mailbox tied to the organizational username and password.  This article is intended for owners of former Exchange mailboxes trying to decide which to use.  New Organizational Accounts are not bein

Connecting iOS Device to Your Boxer Apps (Google Gmail / Google Workspace) Account

Connect your Pacific University Email address using Gmail app in Iphone / IOS. However, Gmail app will access your Email messages only, and to access your Calendar data, you will need to download and configure Google Calendar app as well. This article includes setup instructions for both Gmail and Google Calendar apps, which are referred as Google Workspace or Boxer Apps hosted by Google.

Connecting your Your Google Email Account Using iPhone / IOS native Email Application

Connect your Pacific University Email address using Iphone's built-in email application.

Creating A Sponsorship Request

This knowledge base article covers what sponsoring an account means, when you should request one, and how to properly fill out the request form so the request is processed as quickly as possible.

Employees Leaving Pacific University or Changing Departments

This article gives advice for what to do with technology, accounts and email when employees (faculty or staff) leave employment at the university or change departments.

First Time Login

Logging into your pacific account for the first time

Google Gmail and Calendar Tips for Employees

Tips that UIS has published to help people make use of Gmail (Boxer Mail) and other Google suite tools (Boxer Apps).

How to Add an Authorized User in EPay

Students can add people who have the ability to view and pay their student accounts. These are known as authorized users.

How to Create a Google Group for a Class You Are Teaching

This guide is for faculty members who wish to create a Google Group for a class that is scheduled through the Registrar and for which they are the assigned faculty member.

How to Organize Your Boxer Mail (Gmail) with Labels

How to use labels to organize Gmail.

How to Search Your Boxer Mail (Gmail)

How to search in your Boxer Mail (Gmail) account.

How To Send As Your Preferred Email Address In Various Email Clients

For all students, faculty, staff and alumni, all email clients and the Boxer Mail web interface send as the user's default PUNet ID@pacifiu.edu email address, rather than a preferred email address the user may have created for themselves.  (This is a change for employees as of 7/30/21.)  It is, however, possible to change the from address that is sent to match one's preferred email address.

How To Set Boxer Mail (Gmail) Web Interface to Send As Your Preferred Email Address

This article will show you how to set up your Pacific University Boxer Mail (Gmail) to send emails as your preferred alias.

How to Use Email Encryption

How to send encrypted emails.

How To: Automatically Forward Emails to Non-Pacific Email Accounts

Forwarding of Pacific University employee emails to non-Pacific email accounts is not available. Pacific University policy is that all work-related email for an employee should be received at their Pacific University email account and all work-related email from an employee should be sent from their Pacific University email account.

Native macOS Gmail Setup Guide

A guide to setup Google Workspace services on the Native macOS Applications (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes). Formerly known as "Mac Mail".

New Outlook Gmail Setup Guide (macOS)

A guide to setup Gmail in Microsoft's newest version of Outlook for macOS. This is setup in the same app as Classic Outlook, and runs in parallel with Classic Outlook if desired.

Onboarding Tips for Supervisors

This article contains tips for supervisors who are onboarding new employees.

Outlook Classic Gmail Setup Guide (macOS)

This is a guide to the classic setup of Outlook for macOS for use with Gmail.

Password Manager Recommendations

Password management software assists in creating and for storing account credentials such as usernames, passwords, personal identification numbers, and similar information. A good password manager will securely store your information in an encrypted container that protects this sensitive data from unauthorized access. This article outlines some topics to consider when choosing a password manager, and some suggestions for using your password manager of choice.

Problem: Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook "Mailbox Full" Message

Outlook for Windows users using Google Workspace Sync may get a message as follows telling them that they have reached the limit of data that will transfer from Google to Outlook.  The solution as shown in this article is to go into the Google Workspace Sync settings and tell it to transfer more data.

Problem: Mail Messages Returned Undeliverable With "None of your email accounts could send to this recipient."

This issue happens when an employee utilizing Microsoft Outlook for Windows with Google Workspace Sync sends a message to a fellow employee and gets a message back with subject line "Undeliverable: [subject line for original email]" and text in the message including "Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients" and "None of your email accounts could send to this recipient."

Sharing Your Mailbox, Calendar, and Granting Delegate Access

How to Share Your Mailbox, Calendar, and Granting Delegate Access

Switching Between Google Accounts (with note about Chrome profiles)

Chrome allows you to create multiple profiles, each with a different set of bookmarks, search history, settings, toolbar buttons, among other things. You can switch among your profiles, each profile opening in a separate Chrome window. If you have other personal Google account(s), you can add, manage and switch between your Pacific University account and others using Google Chrome profiles.

Uploading Locally Stored Email in Outlook to Boxer Mail (Gmail)

This article explains how to import locally stored emails (called Archives, Outlook Data Files or PST files on the Windows side, On My Computer folders on the Mac side) into Boxer Mail (Gmail).

Windows How To "Send As" Your Preferred Email Address in Outlook

How To "Send As" Your Preferred Email Address in Outlook

Windows How to Setup Outlook With Your Boxer Mail (Gmail) Account

Setting up BoxerMail (Gmail) in Microsoft Outlook for Windows