Account and Email Address Policy

Account and Email Address Policy

Account Criteria

PUNet accounts are created and maintained automatically for every individual who meets at least one the following qualifications:

  • Is a currently an admitted, deposited or enrolled student. Account type: Admit, Deposit or Student.
  • Is currently a student on hiatus, as designated by the Registrar's Office. Account type: Hiatus.
  • Is faculty or staff currently being paid through payroll (rather than a contractor issued checks by the Business Office). Account type: Staff or Faculty.
  • Is an alum who is in the system as having graduated since 1993. Account type: Alum.
  • Is in the system as having taken a class since 1993 but who has not graduated. Account type: Former Student.
  • Is a retired employee who has been granted perpetual privileges by the Honors and Awards Committee. Account type: Emeritus Faculty or Honored Retiree.
  • Is a university trustee. Account type: Trustee.

If a person stops meeting any of these qualifications, their account is automatically marked for deletion and will be deleted after 45 days. Multiple email notifications are given to warn the account owner about deletion.

In addition to these “normal” accounts, there are two types of special accounts: Sponsored and Organizational (see below).


Different services are extended to account holders based on the type of their account. What follows are the most asked-about services for common account types. Contact support for information about access to other service or by other account types.

  Email BoxerOnline, TouchNet & myAccount Wireless Library Resources Moodle Box
Student Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Admitted Student No Yes No No No No
Deposit Student Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Pending Faculty/Staff* Yes No Yes No Yes No
Faculty/Staff Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alum Yes Yes No No No No
Former Student No Yes No No No No

*Pending Faculty and Staff are new hires who have been entered into Colleague by HR but whose start dates have not yet come to pass.

Some services are not activated until the account holder completes the first-time logon wizard in myAccount.

Sponsored Accounts

A Sponsored Account is a guest account for individuals who do not meet the current criteria for university accounts (above). The account exists and is maintained because a qualifying individual has sponsored it. UIS may require the approval of an academic chair, program director, department head or higher before acting on a sponsorship request. Sponsored Accounts are for people who work with or for the University, in a way that benefits the university or community, even though those people do not meet the qualifications for an account with the desired services. Examples include:

  • A contract employee paid through checks issued by the Business Office rather than payroll.
  • A person doing unpaid (volunteer) work for the university.
  • A student who is not currently enrolled in classes, nor is on an official leave of absence, but is doing academic work with Pacific University faculty.

In all cases, the department that benefits from the person having the account should request the sponsorship. People who want their own accounts to be sponsored cannot directly request sponsorship from UIS.

Requests are made via the web-based request system found in myAccount. See Creating a Sponsorship Request and Responsibilities of a Sponsor. Sponsorship requests are all reviewed by UIS and only granted if they meet the criteria for sponsorship described herein. Sponsored accounts are only valid for up to one year at a time, and must be reviewed annually.

Organizational Accounts

An organizational account is an account assigned to a university department or organization and which is not named after or tied directly to any particular individual. Organizational accounts are not allowed as a method to create multiple accounts for one individual.

The primary system for managing organizational email addresses will be through the use of Google Groups Collaborative Inboxes. Requests are made via the web-based request system for requesting Google Groups in myAccount. An Organizational Account has a name and address based on its institutional role (e.g. Name: College of Divinity, Email: See Responsibilities of a Sponsor.

Maintaining an Organizational Account means an increased workload for the department that owns it and uses a significant amount of server resources. For that reason, UIS may periodically audit the Organizational Accounts held by a department, working with requestors from that department to attempt to determine if any are no longer in use and can be removed.

Organizational accounts previously created using Microsoft Exchange accounts with addresses will be phased out and requests for such accounts must be approved on a limited bases by UIS. UIS has a strict limit on Exchange based Organizational Accounts requests to one per organizational unit (department, division, program). Requests for Exchange based organizational accounts must be made by sending an email request to with details on how the account will be used and reasons why a collaborative inbox will not work for this purpose.

Organizational accounts are only valid for up to one year at a time, and must be reviewed annually.

Email Addresses For Organizations

When an organization or department on campus wants an email address, not linked to an individual person, to use in correspondence, there are two methods by which this can be achieved: Distribution Lists and Organizational Accounts.

Distribution Lists

A distribution list is an address that forwards received messages to one or more other addresses. An example would be an email address called which forwards all email sent to it, automatically, to and When anyone sends an email to it shows up in both John Doe and Jane Smith’s email inboxes. Either John or Jane can respond to the email. John or Jane cannot reply using as the "from" address but they can set it as the "reply to" address when they send emails. The addresses that delivers to can be changed by emailing a request to

A distribution list should be requested by or with the approval of an Academic Chair, Program Director or Department Head. Requests should be sent to

Organizational Account

The other means by which an organization can have an organizational email address is with Organizational Account, as described above, with an email mailbox. Email sent to this account is delivered to the account's inbox, where it can be checked and responded to by anyone with access to the account. A copy of the email messages to and from this account may also be delivered to each of the collaborators on the Organizational Account. It is possible to send email from an organizational account with that account's address as the "from" address through the Google Groups interface. In rare cases where student workers are required to send email on behalf of a university department, the Registrar suggests these emails come from an Organizational Account rather than the individual accounts of the student workers.

Mail Servers

UIS maintains two mail systems. The BoxerMail system is hosted by Google and is for students, alum and student organizations. Faculty, staff and organizational email is hosted by UIS on a Microsoft Exchange server. Microsoft Exchange is the only mail system that Pacific University employees should use for sending and receiving official work communications. Students or Alum who become faculty or staff will lose access to their BoxerMail for the duration of their employment. The email service used by sponsored and organizational accounts will be chosen by UIS based on the role of that account.

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