Connecting your Your Google Email Account Using iPhone / IOS native Email Application

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The procedure to setup Pacific University student and employee Boxer Mail and Boxer Apps accounts to be accessed via the Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts apps.  Note that use of the Gmail app rather than the Apple Mail app is suggested.

  • Audience: 
    • All (Students, Alum, Faculty, Staff)
  • Platforms: 
    • Apple iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
  • Application: Native Mail app in IOS



iOS  (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

  1. Open your iPhone Settings, then select "Passwords & Accounts" from the menu:

  2. Click "Add Account" option located on the bottom of your existing accounts, then select "Google" from the list of email providers/platforms:

  3. You will see Google Sign In page, prompting you to enter your Email or Phone. Enter your Pacific University email as your :

  4. Authentication:
    1. Left image: Ensure your email format is correct, then click Next button
    2. Middle image: If your email is entered correctly, the Google Sign In page will redirect you to Pacific University Single Sign On page. Notice Pacific University Logo on the top, Boxer Apps and "Authentication Required" message on the bottom.
    3. Right image: Scroll down to enter your PUnetID, and your current password, then click "Login" in the green bar:

  5. You will be returned to the list of email providers.
    1. Left image: Click "Accounts" in the top left corner to return to the previous menu.
    2. Right image: Click on "Gmail" to verify your account has been properly configured (Note: if you have other Gmail accounts, select the "Gmail" at the end of your Account list.

  6. ​​​​​​Confirm the email is properly configured:
    1. Left image: Confirm your email address is listed to the right of "Account", and that Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Note services are turned on (in green). Click on the email address.
    2. Right image: Confirm that your name and email address are correct. Click "Done" in the top right.


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