How To Send As Your Preferred Email Address In Various Email Clients

For all students, faculty, staff and alumni, all email clients and the Boxer Mail web interface send as the user's default PUNet email address, rather than a preferred email address the user may have created for themselves.  (This is a change for employees as of 7/30/21.)  It is, however, possible to change the from address that is sent to match one's preferred email address.


You must have a PUNet account with access to email and have set a preferred email address.


Set your preferred email address using instructions based on your preferred email client:

*For employees, the preferred email address has been set as default as of 7/16/21 in these mail interfaces.  It is also the default for new students who join the university after that date.  However, default email address can still be set manually using the procedures shown here. 

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