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Forwarding of Pacific University employee emails to non-Pacific email accounts is not available. Pacific University policy is that all work-related email for an employee should be received at their Pacific University email account and all work-related email from an employee should be sent from their Pacific University email account.
How to send encrypted emails.
Connect your Pacific University Email address using Iphone's built-in email application.
A comparison of the local application options for setting up Gmail on macOS. This guide goes over the Native macOS Applications, Outlook Classic, and New Outlook, and the differences between them.
This is a guide to the classic setup of Outlook for macOS for use with Gmail.
A guide to setup Google Workspace services on the Native macOS Applications (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes). Formerly known as "Mac Mail".
With our transition from Exchange to Google Workspace for employee mail and calendaring, we became unable to offer organizational accounts with Exchange mailboxes for departmental use.  Owners of these Exchange mailboxes have been given a choice to transition to a Google Collaborative Inbox or a Google Mailbox tied to the organizational username and password.  This article is intended for owners of former Exchange mailboxes trying to decide which to use.  New Organizational Accounts are not bein
This article will show you how to set up your Pacific University Boxer Mail (Gmail) to send emails as your preferred alias.
How To "Send As" Your Preferred Email Address in Outlook
For all students, faculty, staff and alumni, all email clients and the Boxer Mail web interface send as the user's default PUNet email address, rather than a preferred email address the user may have created for themselves.  (This is a change for employees as of 7/30/21.)  It is, however, possible to change the from address that is sent to match one's preferred email address.