Comparing Pacific Gmail Setup Options for macOS

Unlike with our former email service (Exchange), Gmail and Google Workspace services have many more options of how to work. Each has a different look and feel, and functionality may differ between applications. Below is a quick introduction to each of the three main options. As a reminder, you can always use Gmail (BoxerMail) and Google Workspace using a web browser such as Google Chrome.


Quick Comparison of Functionality

  Native macOS Outlook Classic New Outlook BoxerMail on the web
Mail syncs with Google Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendars sync with Google Yes No Yes Yes
Contacts sync with Google Yes No Yes Yes
Notes sync with Google Yes No No Yes
Offline mail storage Yes Yes No No
Box and Zoom plugins No No Yes Yes
Send As Preferred Email address Yes Yes No Yes


Native macOS Applications

Setup Guide

Using the native Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and Notes, you can sync with your Pacific University Gmail Account. Unlike Outlook, this method has each service run in separate applications. For example, to view a calendar appointment, you would need to open the Calendar application; to read email, you would need to open the Mail application. If you have any personal Internet accounts setup, this will add to those existing accounts.

If you are migrating from Outlook, any mail items in the "On My Computer" section will need to be uploaded to the Gmail server in order for you to have access to it in the Mail application. A guide on how to do so can be found [here].

Demonstration of all four macOS applications


Outlook Classic

Setup Guide

Outlook classic is the most similar to Outlook for Exchange, as it uses most of the same toolbars and layout. It also allows continued use of any folders already locally stored in "On My Computer" folders. Outlook Classic only syncs emails with Google, so any Calendars or Contacts created in Outlook Classic will only be stored on the single computer. Any additions or changes made to Calendars or Contacts will not replicate to the Google servers, and will not be accessible via or on any other devices connected to your Pacific Google account. 

Mail items in the "On My Computer" section will need to be uploaded to the Gmail server in order for you to have access to it in the Gmail web interface. A guide on how to do so can be found [here].

Outlook Classic window

New Outlook

Setup Guide

New Outlook is Microsoft's newest update to Outlook. It encompass most of the features users familiar with Outlook Classic with Exchange are familiar with, but with a new look and feel similar to the Outlook apps found on iPad and iOS. New Outlook runs from a toggle in Outlook also allowing users to use Outlook Classic and New Outlook in parallel with each other, allowing you to toggle the switch if you ever need to use one view over the other. Unlike Outlook Classic, New Outlook syncs Mail, Calendars, and Contacts with the Google server. At this time, New Outlook does not allow Offline mail storage in the "On My Computer" folders. If you wish to upload these files for access in New Outlook please follow the guide [here].

New Outlook

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