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Consulting with a UIS staff member prior to making a purchase can help to ensure that you are purchasing the best technology available at the best price, that your intended use does not violate licensing agreements, that your technology is secure and that you select technology that UIS is best able to support.

  • Audience: Pacific University faculty and staff
  • Platform: All
  • Application: All 



UIS should be consulted before any university funds *(including grant funds) are used to purchase any of the following:

  • Subscriptions to and renewals (annual, monthly, etc.) of online services.
  • Apps from the Apple iOS or MacOS app stores.**
  • Computer software.
  • Any computer or tablet.
  • Any device with the intent to connect to the wired or wireless networks.
    • Includes switches, hubs and networkable printers.
  • Any device or system with a total cost (including installation, software, training, shipping) of $5,000 or more.
  • Any technology which will require UIS aid to deploy.
  • Any biomedical device (see specific requirements for UIS evaluation of biomed devices).

*Computers and devices that are intended for use in the secured and segmented Computer Science lab can be purchased without a pre-purchase consultation.

**Android app store purchases do not require UIS pre-purchase consultation.

All devices not in a category listed above can be purchased without any UIS consultation, although UIS staff members are happy to provide a consultation about any planned purchase. Please be aware that technology purchased without UIS consultation may not qualify for UIS support (see Service Level Agreement for Computer Support: Support Levels ).

When submitting a purchase request to Purchasing, the budget authority should state either: "I have received authorization from UIS staff for this purchase" or "This purchase does not require UIS authorization as per the current UIS purchasing policies."

When reconciling purchases in the Travel Bank system, choose "Approval Not Required - N/A" if the purchase is not in one of the categories requiring UIS consultation above, or "Approval Received - Yes" if you have received a note of approval from UIS.

To begin a pre-purchase consultation, please use the Request Evaluation, Security Review & Approval for a Purchase form in the Services Portal.  As a pre-purchase consultation may include multiple levels of review, please make your request at least two weeks before you are hoping to purchase, or at least three months if the technology deals at all with student, patient or experimental subject records or communications.

Websites and Domain Names

Websites and internet domains may not be purchased with university funds unless preauthorized by University Information Services, Legal Affairs, and Marketing and Communications. Please submit a UIS project request to start the review process. All web domains must be purchased and managed by University Information Services at the expense of the requesting department in order to assure that the domain can be managed by the university in the future.

Legal Approval

In addition to the UIS pre-purchase consultation, purchasers are also responsible for obtaining any necessary approvals from the Office of Legal Affairs for contracts or agreements (3rd party agreements or Pacific templates that have been modified) that accompany the purchase or usage of technology.

Please send all contracts requiring review to

End of Financial Year Deadline

In order to meet financial year closing deadlines issued by the Business Office, University Information Services establishes a date for each financial year that all departmental IT procurement requests be submitted to UIS. This deadline only applies to purchases that will be made by UIS, not to purchases made by non-UIS departments with UIS permission.

In previous years, this deadline has been established as mid-May.

Please submit a procurement request via the Services Portal. Please allow additional time for items that may require security, privacy or compatibility review.

Student Reimbursement

In some situations academic departments may choose reimburse students for the purchase of software and technology used for their academic work.  A note of UIS approval for these reimbursements can be obtained using the same methods described here for a university purchase.  UIS approval only allows a department to choose to provide reimbursement, but UIS approval does not require a department to provide reimbursement.

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