Connecting iOS Device to Your Boxer Apps (Google Gmail / Google Workspace) Account


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The procedure to setup Pacific University student email in the Gmail and Calender apps on Apple iOS devices.

  • Audience: 
    • All (Students, Alum, Faculty, Staff)
  • Platforms: 
    • Apple iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
    • Android
  • Application: Gmail



iOS  (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

  1.  Download Gmail app from the App store.

  2. Start the Gmail app, click "Sign in" button, then in the "Add account" menu click "Google", and in the pop-up window click "Continue":
  3. Sign-in to your Pacific University Account:
  4. Click "Done" and then click "Allow" if you want to receive notifications.
  5. You have completed the configuration and may start using Gmail app for your Pacific University mail.


Google Calendar setup in IOS 

After you have succesfy configured your Pacific University email in Gmail App, you can setup Google Calender app. To do so, follow the next steps: 

  1. Download "Google Calendar" app from the IOS App Store:

  2. When you start Google Calendar app for the first time, you will be prompted several configuration questions: 
    Allow "Google Calendar" app to access you Calendar, enable your Pacific University (Google) account, and allow "Google Calendar" to access your Contacts:

  3. Allow "Google Calendar" app to send you notifications, and then you will see your calendar data in App. Your "Google Calendar" setup is now complete:


Utilizing Your Preferred Email Address

If you have set a custom email address for your Pacific account (other than your default PUNet email address) you can send messages by that address by default via the following steps:

  1. Set your preferred email address as your default send address as shown in our article How To Set Boxer Mail (Gmail) Web Interface to Send As Your Preferred Email Address
  2. When you go to compose a message, check the From section.  It should show your default email address here.  You can click to choose other email addresses you have the ability to send as.
  3. If your default email address is not showing up in the From feild, you may have to remove and re-add your account using the steps shown above.


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