Uploading Locally Stored Email in Outlook to Boxer Mail (Gmail)

This article explains how to import locally stored emails (called Archives, Outlook Data Files or PST files on the Windows side, On My Computer folders on the Mac side) into Boxer Mail (Gmail). 


  • Outlook for Mac 2016 or newer with emails saved in the "On My Computer" section of Outlook
  • Outlook for Windows with Google Workspace Sync setup

Outlook for Mac

The emails that you had previously stored in the Outlook "On My Computer" folders on this machine will still be visible to you after you have set up Outlook to access your Boxer Apps account.  Use the following procedures to move locally stored email in On My Computers archives to your Google account.

Copy Emails into your Inbox, or to a custom folder destination

  1. Click the Inbox of the account you would like to copy mail from.
  2. Select all mail by either clicking on Edit > Select All, or by using the shortcut key Command + A.
  3. Drag all the items into your Gmail Inbox
    • The transfer will take some time based on the amount of mail that is being moved.

Copy specific folders into Boxer Mail

  1. Navigate and select the folder you wish to copy
  2. Drag that folder into the location in the Google account
    • The transfer will take some time based on the amount of mail that is being moved.
Important Note: This will not remove the locally stored emails in "On My Computer" until you manually delete them from Outlook. Once you have confirmed the emails have transferred, you can delete them by moving them into trash, or deleting their folder. 

Outlook for PC

There are two methods to upload PST files to your Google account to make them available there.  Each have their benefits:

  • Using Google Workspace Migration tool, which requires the least labor from you, and gives you few errors, but gives you no control over where items show up in Google and require you to maintain a network connection during the transfer.  This method can e used to upload archives that would bring your total mailbox size to more than 30 GB.
  • Using Outlook with Google Workspace Sync lets you decide where items go, and is more forgiving of loss of Internet connection, but requires more work, can take much longer before items show up in your Google account, and can sometimes result in errors.  This method cannot be used to upload archives that would bring your total mailbox size to more than 30 GB.

Using Google Workspace Migration Tool

  1. Download the Google Workspace Migration Tool from Google and install it on your computer.  (Contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance installing software on your computer.)
  2. In your Windows start menu, search for and select "Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook."
  3. When prompted for your email address, enter your PUNet ID@pacificu.edu email address and click Continue.
  4. Your web browser will open and prompt you to log into your Google account.  Enter your PUNet ID@pacificu.edu if presented with a Google login page, your PUNet ID and password if presented with a Pacific Single Sign On page, and authenticate with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication if prompted.
  5. When prompted "Choose an account from pacificu.edu" choose your PUNet ID@pacificu.edu email address.
  6. When prompted "G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook wants to access your Google Account" click "Allow" at the bottom of the page.
  7. Return to the Google Workspace Migration Tool.
  8. From the pulldown menu, choose "From a PST file..."
  9. Navigate to the file where you have email stored.  Select it (or you can Control-Click to select multiple files) and click Open. 
    1. TIP: Search your hard drive for *.pst to find all archive files.  By default, archive files are stored in the Outlook Files folder under your Documents.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Uncheck checkboxes so that only the materials you want to import are checked (e.g.you might only want Emails moved, but not Deleted Items or Junk Mail).
  12. Click Migrate.
  13. The Migration Status window will show your progress. 
Important Note: Do not turn off your computer, put your computer to sleep, or disconnect your computer from the internet until the migration is done.
  1. Click "OK" when you see the "Migration Completed" alert and then "close" on the Workspace Migration Tool.
  2. Repeat the steps above for every PST file you have archived materials stored in.
  3. Within the BoxerMail web interface, the folders for each archive folder will appear nested under a label corresponding to the name of that folder (e.g. you may have an archive.pst label, and under that an Inbox and a Sent Items label).

Using Outlook with Google Workspace Sync

  1. Open Outlook with your Google Workspace Sync profile. 
    • Instructions for setting up Outlook with Google Workspace Sync can be found here.
  2. In Outlook, go to File -> Open & Export -> Open Outlook Data File
  3. Find and select the PST file you created earlier to archive your mail and other items to, and click OK
  4. The archive folder will now appear in outlook under the Google Workspace folders
    • Important Note: If you have multiple archive files repeat steps 2-6 untill all of them are loaded into Outlook.
  5. Go to the three dots at the bottom left of Outlook (next to the Tasks icon) and choose Files.
  6. Scroll down to your archived item folders.  You may need to open them (the triangle button to the left) to see all of their contents.
  7. Find a folder the contents of which (including subfolders) that you want moved to your Google account.
  8. Right-click on that folder and choose "Copy Folder."
  9. In the list of locations that comes up, choose the location you want to copy this folder and its contents to under "Google Workspace - [your PUNet ID@pacificu.edu email address]".  For instance, if you have a folder under Inbox under   (For instance, if you have a folder called "Invoices" in your archive, you may choose to copy it to folder called Archives which is under Inbox which is under "Google Workspace - [your PUNet ID@pacificu.edu email address]").  Click this folder to select it and click OK.
  10. A window will show the files copying.
  11. After the folder is done copying, the Google Workspace Sync tool will copy these items back to Google whenever you have Outlook open.  It may several days for all of your materials to appear in Google. 

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