Onboarding Tips for Supervisors

Onboarding Tips for Supervisors

This article contains tips for supervisors who are onboarding new employees.


When a new employee is entered in by HR, that employee's PUNet account becomes available by the next day. The ability to access some online services may not be available until the employee's official start date.

Employees who have previously been affiliated with the university (e.g. as past students or past employees) may already have PUNet IDs and passwords, although they may not remember them.

Any employee who does not know their PUNet ID and password can call the Helpdesk to gain access.

Sponsored Accounts

Employees who are not paid through HR payroll (e.g. contract employees who are paid by Business Office checks) will not get PUNet IDs automatically and their accounts can be sponsored. See Account and Email Address Policy for more.

Computer Setup

Most employees use a computer in their day-to-day work, and most of those employees have one university computer that is assigned to them for their exclusive use. Generally, a new employee is expected to use the computer of his or her predecessor, which should be turned in to UIS after the previous employee leaves (see Computer Return After Employee Departure Procedure).

When you know when an employee's start date and HR onboarding date, make an appointment with the Helpdesk to get the employee set up on their computer. Letting us know as far ahead of time as possible helps us to reserve time in our schedule, as well as time to coordinate which computer will go to the new employee. Computer setup appointments are typically done in the new employee's office and typically take 2-3 hours. The setup appointment includes:

  • Helping with username and password (if needed).
  • Setting up a login on the computer.
  • Setting up a standard email signature in Boxer Mail.
  • Setting up Box Sync or Box Drive.
  • Setting up printers.
  • Setting up wifi on a laptop.
  • Setting up wifi and email access on smart phones.
  • Training in Pacific University IT basics, including Phishing avoidance.


Typically, a new employee's supervisor will submit a help ticket telling us the new employee's extension and asking us to:


New employees will receive information about standard mandatory trainings (e.g. sexual harassment, cyber security) from HR.

For employees who require healthcare compliance training, training access is typically granted automatically and employees can access this training through myAccount. If a new employee does not have access to compliance training, please contact support.

Training in use of classroom audiovisual technology, typically one-on-one training, is available for anyone who will be teaching or presenting in those rooms. Ask a new employee to use the form found here to arrange for AV training.

Training for the basic navigation and use of Colleague User Interface (UI) is available from UIS for employees who are expected to use Colleague UI. Supervisors can submit a service request to Request Help with Colleague to schedule a training session.

Training specific to the job role of the new employee is typically provided by the new employee's supervisor.


Access to departmental Box folders is typically granted by the administrator of that folder, and can be done after the employee has logged in to Box for the first time.

Access to shared calendars and inboxes is typically granted by the sponsor or owner of the accounts in which those calendars and inboxes reside.

Supervisors should request access, by submitting services requests or  emailing help@pacificu.edu, for special access to other systems, including:

  • Request or Change Access to Colleague screens
  • Budget access in BoxerOnline
  • Special myAccount access
  • Access to shared network drives (including those in which shared Filemaker databases are stored)
  • Being a sponsor-of-record for sponsored and organizational accounts

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