Windows How To "Send As" Your Preferred Email Address in Outlook

Many Pacific students, faculty and staff have elected to create a preferred email address which is different from their default PUNet email address. Outlook will send as your address by default. This article will show you how to set up the ability send emails as your preferred email address in Outlook for Windows.


Setup your preferred email address in Boxer Mail (Gmail) (Note: As of 7/16/21, this has been automatically done for all employees.)

Setup Outlook with with your Boxer Mail (Gmail) account


Once you have setup Outlook with Boxer Mail and setup your preferred email address in the Boxer Mail web interface, close and restart Outlook. When Outlook restarts it will open up Google Workspace Sync, which will sync the settings for your preferred email address that was set in Boxer Mail.

Once Google Workspace Sync has completed:

  1. Select "New Email" to open up a new email message
  2. Above the "To" line you should see a "From" Box
  3. Click on the "From" Box and select the email address you wish to send from.
  4. You can then write your message and send from that address.


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