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It is important to know the ownership status of Box files by knowing the ownership of the folders they are stored in. When a Box folder is owned by an individual, that folder and its content can go away without notice if that person leaves the university. UIS strongly suggests that all important work files be stored in departmental folders not owned by an individual.
Installing and using the pharos printers on windows machines
The UIS project request system behaves differently from normal ticket submission, requiring a final step of review and submission before UIS is able to review a project.  If you have not gotten confirmation that your project request was submitted, you may need to do the following procedure.
Options for Microsoft Office for students
This article describes University Information Services' methodology and schedule for replacing and upgrading the university technology infrastructure including servers, networks, telephony, and enterprise services.
This article describes UIS' methodology and schedule for replacing and upgrading audiovisual technology in University classrooms and other learning spaces.
Pacific University programs use separate Examsoft instances that have their own unique settings and administrators.
These are instructions for instructors who need to combine room 514 and 516 to teach across both rooms.
Information regarding antivirus software for personal devices
Information for students wishing to order Comcast services in their residence hall room.
A fix to the ExamSoft error "Invalid System Configuration" - "Examplify is not permissible with core isolation memory integrity enabled".