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Setting up BoxerMail (Gmail) in Microsoft Outlook for Windows
Connect your Pacific University Email address using Gmail app in Iphone / IOS. However, Gmail app will access your Email messages only, and to access your Calendar data, you will need to download and configure Google Calendar app as well. This article includes setup instructions for both Gmail and Google Calendar apps, which are referred as Google Workspace or Boxer Apps hosted by Google.
This is a guide to the classic setup of Outlook for macOS for use with Gmail.
This article explains how to import locally stored emails (called Archives, Outlook Data Files or PST files on the Windows side, On My Computer folders on the Mac side) into Boxer Mail (Gmail).
A guide to setup Google Workspace services on the Native macOS Applications (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes). Formerly known as "Mac Mail".
A comparison of the local application options for setting up Gmail on macOS. This guide goes over the Native macOS Applications, Outlook Classic, and New Outlook, and the differences between them.
For all students, faculty, staff and alumni, all email clients and the Boxer Mail web interface send as the user's default PUNet ID@pacifiu.edu email address, rather than a preferred email address the user may have created for themselves.  (This is a change for employees as of 7/30/21.)  It is, however, possible to change the from address that is sent to match one's preferred email address.
This article shows what changes users can expect when the transition of employee email and calendaring from Exchange to Google occurs.
This article is for faculty and staff who are being moved from Exchange to Google for calendaring and email. It shows which things will be moved automatically by UIS and which things may need to be moved manually.
This article will show you how to set up your Pacific University Boxer Mail (Gmail) to send emails as your preferred alias.
Student, faculty and staff devices should generally connect to the BowerWireless wifi network at Pacific campuses and locations. To set up a device to connect to this network, open a web browser on that device and go to https://boxerconnect.pacificu.edu and follow the instructions there. You can do this from anywhere you have internet access. If you are on campus and need temporary (and limited) internet access to be able to connect to the Boxer Connect webpage, use the "Boxer Connect" wireless
A guide to setup Gmail in Microsoft's newest version of Outlook for macOS. This is setup in the same app as Classic Outlook, and runs in parallel with Classic Outlook if desired.
Users who organize their emails using colors/categories should follow these procedures before the 7/30/21 transition to save the categories/colors associated with their emails.
Outlook for Windows users using Google Workspace Sync may get a message as follows telling them that they have reached the limit of data that will transfer from Google to Outlook.  The solution as shown in this article is to go into the Google Workspace Sync settings and tell it to transfer more data.
Some Outlook users use contact groups (sometimes known as contact lists) with Outlook or the webmail.pacificu.edu site.  These are entries in your Contacts that contain multiple email addresses.  These will not be automatically transferred over to Google when users are transitioned from Exchange to Google on 7/30/21.  (Individual contacts will be transitioned for you automatically.)  This document shows you how to manually archive contact groups and move them to your new account.
How To "Send As" Your Preferred Email Address in Outlook
Google does not support attachments to calendar items.  Thus, any attachments that Outlook users have associated with their current calendar items will be lost when employee mailboxes and calendars are transitioned to Google on 7/30/21.  The following procedures will preserve calendar items with attachments in a separate, locally stored calendar.
These procedures apply to supervisors or employees who coordinate personnel changes and computer deployment within a department.  They describe the procedure for dealing with a computer when an employee leaves employment at the university, and the procedure for obtaining a new computer when a vacated position is re-hired for.
Consulting with a UIS staff member prior to making a purchase can help to ensure that you are purchasing the best technology available at the best price, that your intended use does not violate licensing agreements, that your technology is secure and that you select technology that UIS is best able to support.
Installing and using the pharos printers on windows machines
With our transition from Exchange to Google Workspace for employee mail and calendaring, we became unable to offer organizational accounts with Exchange mailboxes for departmental use.  Owners of these Exchange mailboxes have been given a choice to transition to a Google Collaborative Inbox or a Google Mailbox tied to the organizational username and password.  This article is intended for owners of former Exchange mailboxes trying to decide which to use.  New Organizational Accounts are not bein