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This guide is for faculty members who wish to create a Google Group for a class that is scheduled through the Registrar and for which they are the assigned faculty member.
Setting up BoxerMail (Gmail) in Microsoft Outlook for Windows
This article explains how to import locally stored emails (called Archives, Outlook Data Files or PST files on the Windows side, On My Computer folders on the Mac side) into Boxer Mail (Gmail).
With our transition from Exchange to Google Workspace for employee mail and calendaring, we became unable to offer organizational accounts with Exchange mailboxes for departmental use.  Owners of these Exchange mailboxes have been given a choice to transition to a Google Collaborative Inbox or a Google Mailbox tied to the organizational username and password.  This article is intended for owners of former Exchange mailboxes trying to decide which to use.  New Organizational Accounts are not bein
A guide to setup Gmail in Microsoft's newest version of Outlook for macOS. This is setup in the same app as Classic Outlook, and runs in parallel with Classic Outlook if desired.