Windows How to Setup Outlook With Your Boxer Mail (Gmail) Account

This Guide will walk you through adding your Boxer Mail (Gmail) account to your Outlook application


  • Microsoft Office for Windows (2016 or newer)
  • Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO) will need to be installed before you can complete the steps in this guide. UIS will be pushing the software out remotely before the google switch happens, if your computer does not have it please contact the helpdesk so we can assist you on getting it installed.
  • If Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO) failed to installed on your work computer, or you would like to install it on your personal computer, you can download it from here, and install manually.

Video Walkthrough

Watch the following video and/or refer to the procedure below.


  1. Click on the start button and open "Set Up a Google Workspace Sync User" under the Google Workspace Sync folder
    • Select Set Up a Google Workspace Sync user in the Start Menu
  2. In the google workspace sync box enter your and select continue
    • Enter your PUNetID and select Continue on the Google Workspace box
  3. A web browse should now open, or a new tab will open on the browser you are using. Sign in on the SSO page that opens
    • If you already have an active SSO session, you may not be prompted to log in. 
    • You may also be prompted to authenticate with Duo MFA
    • Sign into SSO with your PUNet ID and Password
  4. Choose your PacificU account for signing into google sync
    • Select your PacificU account on the choose you account page in the web browser
  5. On the following page select allow
    • Select Allow on the page to trust G Suite Sync
  6. You can now close the web browser and go back to the google sync application
  7. Select create profile
    • Important Note: Do Not Select Import Data from Existing Profile
    • In the setup Google Workspace Box Select Create Profile. DO NOT Select Import Data
  8. Select start Microsoft Outlook
    • Click on the box to "Start Microsoft Outlook"
  9. You may be given the option to select choose profile, if so select the options button, if not go to step 11
    • If presented with the option to "Choose Profile" select options. Otherwise go to step 11
  10. Make sure you have the " - Google Workspace" selected in the profile name. Select the box for "Set as default profile" and unselect the box for "Prompt for a profile to be used", then click "okay."
    • Make sure you are on the profile named with "-Google Workspace" select the box for "Set as default" and unselect the box "Prompt for a profile to be used" then click "OK"
  11. Outlook will now open and a box titled Synchronization Status will now open. Wait for the syncing to complete, this may take a bit of time to complete.
    • Wait for Google Sync to complete
  12. Once the syncing is complete you can close the window and use outlook as you would normally.

Important Note: If your mailbox contains more than 1 GB of mail, syncing will stop after 1 GB has been downloaded to your computer and you will recieve a "Mailbox Full" message.  See our article on how to deal with this message and download more mail.

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