Comparison of Google Collaborative Inboxes vs. Organizational Accounts With Google Mailboxes

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With our transition from Exchange to Google Workspace for employee mail and calendaring, we became unable to offer organizational accounts with Exchange mailboxes for departmental use.  Owners of these Exchange mailboxes have been given a choice to transition to a Google Collaborative Inbox or a Google Mailbox tied to the organizational username and password.  This article is intended for owners of former Exchange mailboxes trying to decide which to use.  New Organizational Accounts are not being created at this time for new business needs, but new Collaborative Inboxes can be created.

Feature Comparison

  Google Collaborative Inbox Org Account with Google Mailbox
No sponsorship or separate password needed Yes No
Exempt from Duo MFA Yes No
Has a calendar Yes No
Can assign workers to conversations Yes No
Can mark conversations as completed Yes No
Pre-7/30/21 messages can be moved over No Yes
Signatures No Yes
Can organize and search using tags Yes Yes
Can move messages out of Inbox No Yes
Individual message (non-threaded) view available No Yes
Can give individuals different roles and abilities Yes No
Mail sent to the address can be automatically forwarded to member mailboxes Yes No
Can view as a separate mailbox in an Outlook for Windows profile No Yes
Auto-replies available Yes Yes
Can reply to messages as oneself or as the departmental email address Yes Yes

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