Submitting Service Requests & Contacting Pacific University Support

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Or call 503-352-1500 during our normal open hours (see below) or Zoom to 503 352 1500 (M-F 11a-2p) for immediate assistance or help quickly submitting your help request. 


Creating a Service Request (aka Help Ticket)

When you want to request help from or ask a question of UIS, or any other department using the Pacific University Services Portal (, you can enter a service request (also known as a help ticket) in the portal.  To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Services Portal (you're here now).
  2. Make sure you are logged in (you can see your name in the upper right).  If you are not logged in, many things may be invisible to you.
  3. Find the service that UIS (or another department) provides that you want to request or want help with.  You can either go to Services and browse through the categories or you can search in the search box in the top right of every page.
    1. Tip: When searching, click on the triangle to the left of the search box and choose "Service Catalog" to show only Service Catalog results.
  4. Once you have found and gone to the service catalog entry for the service you wish to request, look to the top right of the catalog entry for different ways you can request that service or help with that service (red buttons).  Some of these may link to self-help resources, but most are forms that create help tickets.
  5. We're working hard to create Services that match everything we can do for you, but if you can find the service you want, use the I need help and don't see what I need... request form.

The Technology Helpdesk - Forest Grove Location

For general Pacific University help inquiries (including accounts, wireless, printing, university issued computers, technology purchases, classroom and meeting room technology). If you're not sure where a help request should go, the Technology Helpdesk Forest Grove location is always happy to help route your request to the right group.

  • Hours: Currently 8a-5p weekdays
  • Phone: 503-352-1500
    • If nobody answers please leave a voicemail. We endeavor to return all voicemails quickly during our support hours.
  • Zoom: Meeting ID 5033521500
  • Walk-Ins: Lower Level of Marsh Hall (LL6).

The Technology Helpdesk - Hillsboro Location

For help inquiries concerning technology support specific to the Hillsboro campus.

  • Hours: M-F 8a-5p
  • Phone: 503-352-7243
  • Walk-Ins: Creighton Hall (HPC1) 211.

Center for Education Technology & Curricular Innovation

Help for faculty in using technology in teaching.

University Web Team

For help with the creation and maintenance of university webpages, email marketing and online forms.

Library Systems and Applications Administration 

For help with library specific systems (including eReserves, research databases, interlibrary loan, catalog search).

  • Email the Systems and Applications Librarian:

Center for Languages and International Collaboration 

For help with language learning technology resources.

Eugene Learning Manager 

For help with technology issues specific to the College of Education's Eugene campus.

Libraries ​​​After Hours Tech Help

Library staff have been trained to help with common technology issues after the Technology Helpdesk has closed.

  • Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays after the Helpdesk closes until 9pm, Saturdays 1pm-9pm, Sundays 12pm-8pm, during the Fall and Spring terms only
  • Phone: 503-352-1500
  • Walk-Ins: Circulation Desk, Pacific University Library (Forest Grove)

Other Subject Matter Experts

Many other technologies in use at Pacific are administered by subject matter experts in various university departments.  Please browse our service catalog for a listing of many of these technologies and who the subject matter experts are for them.

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