Outlook Classic Gmail Setup Guide (macOS)

Below are the steps to add the Pacific Univeristy Gmail account to the Classic view of Outlook for Mac.

Important Note: Classic Outlook only supports Email. Calendars, and Contacts do not sync with Classic Outlook. If you want to use Email, Contacts and Calendars in Outlook, please follow the setup steps for New Outlook here.

For a full guide on using Gmail Email, Contacts, and Calendars on a Mac, read our guide here.


  • Microsoft Office for Mac (2016 or newer)

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  1. If you have never used Outlook to connect to a Mail account, or are coming from a Factory Reset, please skip to step 5
  2. Assuming you already have an email account in Outlook, to add a new one select Outlook from the menu bar, and select Preferences...
    • Outlook > Preferences in the menu bar
  3. In Outlook Preferences, select Accounts
    • Outlook Preferences window
  4. On the Accounts page, click the + button in the bottom left-hand corner and choose Add Account
    • Add Account in Outlook Preferences
  5. When prompted, enter your Pacific University Email Address
    • NOTE: if you have setup a Preferred Email Address in myAccount, this will need that Preferred Address not your PUNet ID
    • Add Email Address
  6. Outlook should recognize this as a Gmail account. If it does not and prompts for a Microsoft Exchange login, click the Not Exchange link in the upper right-hand corner, and select Gmail
  7. This will open a web browser to login to the Pacific University Single Sign-On with your PUNet ID and Password.
    • If you already have an active SSO session, you may not be prompted to log in. 
    • Pacific SSO login
  8. (Faculty and Staff Only) Authenticate with DUO
  9. You will be prompted with a Google dialog to "Choose an account from pacificu.edu". Click the account you are trying to log in to. 
    • NOTE: you may see other options on this page. It is important to choose the same account you entered the email address for in step 5
  10. You will be prompted to Allow access for Microsoft apps & services to access your email. Click Allow
    • Permission to access Google
  11. You will be prompted to allow this page to open in Microsoft Outlook. Click Allow
    • macOS permission to open Outlook
  12. You will see a completed dialog letting you know this account has been added. You can click Done and your emails will begin downloading.
    • If you need to add another account, select Add Another Account and start again from step 5
  13. If you utilize a Preffered Email Address (setup in myAccount) you will want to change the "Send As" information in Outlook. 
    1. In Outlook Classic, open Outlook > Preferences and click on Accounts 
    2. Select your Pacific Gmail account on the left-hand column
    3. Under the "Email Address:", delete your PUNet ID address and enter your Preferred Address 
    4. Close the settings window, and quit Outlook (Outlook > Quit Outlook)
    5. You should now see your Preferred Address as the send address when composing email messages

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