New Outlook Gmail Setup Guide (macOS)

Important Note: Faculty and staff: do not do set up or use your Boxer Mail account before Monday, August 2nd, 2021.

With the move to Gmail, Outlook for Mac users are now able to use Microsoft's most updated design of Outlook for Mac known as "New Outlook". New Outlook runs in parallel to Classic Outlook, and Outlook will not prompt for the option to enable New Outlook until the compatible account is setup in Classic Outlook. 

Important Note: New Outlook cannot be setup to send from a "Preferred Email Address" setup in MyAccount. Setting up New Outlook will setup your default send address to be your You will still be able to recieve email at your preferred address, but just not send as it.


  • macOS version 10.14 (Mojave)
  • Outlook version 16.42 and later
  • Have at least one Gmail account setup in Classic Outlook (setup guide can be found here)


  1. Flip the switch found in the top of the Classic Outlook window
    • If you do not see this option, try the options below:
      • Confirm you have a Gmail account added to Classic Outlook (setup guide can be found here)
      • Quit and reopen Outlook (File > Quit)
      • Check for updates (Help > Check For Updates)
      • Make sure you are on Office 2019 (Outlook > About Outlook) look under License
    • Demonstrating location of switch to turn on new outlook
  2. You will see a popup to confirm you wish to switch to New Outlook
    • Popup to confirm switching to new outlook
  3. You will be given an option to Sync details with Microsoft, instead, choose Sync Directly With Google
    • Sync directly with Microsoft or with Google
  4. There will be a popup, click Sign Into Google
    • Launch web browser to sign in
  5. If you are asked to enter an email address, or login, follow these steps. Otherwise continue to step 6
    1. If prompted to Sign in With Google, enter your . 
      • Sign-In with Google
    2. If prompted to Sign in with Pacific University SSO do so with your PUNet ID and Password
      • SSO sign-in
    3. (Faculty and Staff Only) Authenticate with DUO 
  6. When prompted to Choose an account from, select the account you wish to add
    • Choose which account to sign in
  7. Google will prompt for your approval to allow Outlook to access your Google Account. Click Allow.
    • Permission for Outlook to access Gmail
  8. macOS will prompt you to Allow this page to open in Outlook. Click Allow.
    • macOS confirming Google can open Outlook
  9. Your email, contacts, and calendars will begin downloading and syncing to New Outlook.
    • Completed setup

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