Web Based services such as Zoom, Moodle, Box, and Google Apps

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Apporto FAQ

Apporto has many tools available to students and faculty. University Information Services has developed this Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer questions about these features.

Apporto Moodle Integration Configuration Procedure

Apporto supports a Moodle Integration to let students sign directly into Apporto from Moodle, and automatically assigns any class resources to them. If you're using Apporto for your class the Moodle Integration is the best way to have students sign into Apporto.

Approved Google Workspace & Google Web Store Plugins

UIS has made the Chrome web store and Google Workspace Marketplace available to Pacific accounts, allowing you to add third-party plugins to your Boxer Apps account and Google Chrome.  The add-ons here can give third parties access to data in your Google account and so should only be installed with extreme caution.

Best Practices for Large or Public Zoom Meetings

This article is to help advise those who will be hosting Zoom meetings that will have many participants or be open to the public.

Box Introduction and Resources

Box is Pacific University's secure online file storage and sharing system, available to all current students, faculty and staff.

Box Sign FAQ

This is an introductory FAQ for Box Signs.

Checking Ownership of Box Content

It is important to know the ownership status of Box files by knowing the ownership of the folders they are stored in. When a Box folder is owned by an individual, that folder and its content can go away without notice if that person leaves the university. UIS strongly suggests that all important work files be stored in departmental folders not owned by an individual.

File Storage Options

An introduction to the benefits and disadvantages of various file storage systems.

How To Request Money Be Transferred From an Inaccessible Google Pay Account

A change made by Google has made Google Pay inaccessible for many or all people who have used Google Pay with their Pacific University Google accounts.  Users who have funds trapped in an inaccessible Google Pay account can ask for the funds to be transferred out.

How to Use Box Sign

Information regarding Box Sign, the signing feature that has been added to Box.

Known Issues with Boxer Apps & Boxer Mail

all known issues with boxer apps

Problem: Getting No Emails from Box

You do not receive any emails from Box, including emails from folder notifications you have set up, from @ comments directed to you in the file activity pane, nor when people add you as a collaborator to a file or folder.

Problem: Some Google Drive Shared Files & Folders Searchable By Anyone at Pacific

Content you own and share with others in Google Drive may be found and seen by other Pacific University Google users without you wanting that to be possible.

Problem: UpToDate Requires Re-Verification of Pacific Affiliation

UpToDate users are required to periodically verify that they are still associated with Pacific University.  The messaging from UpToDate seems to indicate what users must be connected from an on-campus network to do this.  This can be problematic from users who are studying or working remotely.

Protected Data Zoom

The Protected Data Communication via Conferencing and Video Services policy requires video meetings where HIPAA and FERPA protected information are privately discussed to use a specially secured video service. Protected Data Zoom is a special instance of our Zoom videoteleconferencing service that meets these requirements

SmartVS on Apporto FAQ

SmartVS is available in Apporto for faculty and students using macOS. This article provides basic troubleshooting steps to faculty and students.

Too Many Cookies Error in BoxerOnline

If you are unable to access BoxerOnline because of an error saying that "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached'" you will have to delete the excess browser cookies.

Using Examplify on External Monitor

In this article we will go over the process for using ExamSoft on an external monitor. This will likely be useful in group exams and or if you are taking an exam in a Creighton Hall breakout room.