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This article contains information regarding CyraCom, the University's preferred technology vendor for language translation and interpretation services.

  • Audience: Pacific University students, faculty and staff
  • Platform: All systems
  • Application: CyraCom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


A language interpretation company focused largely on healthcare, CyraCom provides language interpretation services 24/7. University Information Services can assist with the onboarding process for this vendor, including navigating iPad purchasing, contacting our service or account representative, and answering general questions.

A full language list is available on CyraCom's webpage here


CryaCom has a track record of providing language interpretation services in the healthcare arena, and a Business Associate Agreement has been signed between CyraCom and Pacific. It is the preferred vendor for technology-based language interpretation services for both clinical and academic purposes.

Telehealth Interpretation

CyraCom currently can provide interpretation services over a telehealth platform, including the University's Protected Data Zoom system. For more information on this, please contact

Onsite Interpretation

CyraCom does not currently provide onsite language interpretation services in our region. Their services are only available via their applications (i.e. iPad) or via a telephone call.

Getting Started

Before you get started with CyraCom's language interpretation services, you'll want to consider purchasing an iPad through University Information Services for the service. Currently, cost per minute for this service is identical between video-based and audio-only services. The client management technology UIS utilizes for iPads provides the critical ability to wipe or erase the device if it is lost or stolen.

Currently, it is strongly recommended that an iPad with a backup cellular connection is purchased for CyraCom.

Contact to ask for assistance with establishing a contract with CyraCom, inquire about iPad solutions, or for answers to additional questions.


The CyraCom user agreement and pricing is subject to change, but prices are competitive in this market due to Pacific University's membership in Purchasing Group. To be connected with the University's Regional Sales Representative please contact UIS.

Additional Resources


Contact Support.


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