How to Use Box Sign

Box Sign is a feature in of Box for creating items to be signed, and sending them out to be signed.  It is available to everyone with access to Box (all employees and students and some sponsored accounts).

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How to Initiate a Signature Request or Self-Sign

A document can be sent to another individual for signing even if they do not have a Box account. To send the signature requests you can access Box Sign from the following locations:

  • Preview Mode: Open the document in Box, click the Box Sign icon in the right-side application bar, and select one of the options from the drop-down list. Options are Request Signature and Sign Myself.
  • All Files: Hover on the document, then click the ellipsis button ("...") and select Sign. Select one of the options - Request Signature or Sign Myself.
    • For multiple files - select all of the documents you want included and click the ellipsis button ("...") in the top right corner of your screen. Select Sign and choose one of the options: Request Signature or Sign Myself.
  • A file not yet in Box: In the Box web interface, click on Sign on the left, then either on the top right, choose Request Signature or the triangle button and Sign Myself.  In either case, you will be taken to a page where you can upload one or more files for signature.

To send a document to another person for signature, you will be prompted to:

  1. Enter the name or email address of at least one person who will receive the document (top right).
  2. Click and then drag the signature field onto the document.  (Additional signatures and form fields are optional.)
  3. Click "Send Request" in the top right.

For complete documentation on the process of sending a document for signature (including how to set where the signed document will be saved in Box, how to prepare the document with the appropriate fields to be signed, and how to send off the document) see the Box article: Sending a document for signature 

Self-Signing a Document

Box Sign gives you the option to sign a document with your own signature.  This can be a document that is already in Box, or one that you upload as part of the signing process.  Other form fields, in addition to signature, can be added and filled out during this process as well.  Your signed document can then be stored, printed, shared or sent as you would any other document.  This knowledge base article below from, will cover how to sign or decline a document: Signing a document in box

Advanced Sending Options

Advanced sending options on Box Sign allow you to customize the process of sending a document for signature by enabling you to upload or select a document, add and modify recipients, specify the order of signatures, set email notification settings, define an expiration date for the signature request, and finally send the request for a signature​.

Step 1: Log in to your Box account and find the file you want to send for signature.

Step 2: Click on the "More Options" button (three dots) and select "Send for Signature."

Step 3: In the "Send for Signature" window, you can customize the signing process using the following advanced options:

  • To send the document to multiple people: Click on the "Add Recipient" button and enter their email addresses.
  • To specify signing order: Click on the "Specify Signing Order" button and assign a numeric value to each recipient.
  • To assign different fields to different people: Go to the "Signature & Fields" section, drag the desired field to the appropriate spot on the document, click on the field again, and select the recipient from the "Assign to" options.
  • To set different roles (Signer, Approver, Get a Copy): Select the recipient and choose their role.
  • To require a password or 2 Factor Authentication of signers: Select the recipient and turn on “Require 2-factor Authentication”. Input their mobile number corresponding to the country.  Signers will have to enter a confirmation code, which will be sent to the cell number you specified, to confirm their identity when they go to sign the document.  Or, choose password and then give the signer (e.g. by phone) the password to use to sign the document.
  • To set the auto-expiration of requests: Navigate to the "options" section, locate the "Expire after" setting, and choose the desired time limit for the document's validity.  After this date has passed, the signer will no longer be able to sign the document.
  • To customize the email notification: Click on the "Email notification” button and edit the email message that will be sent to the sign recipients as needed.
  • To have Box send reminders to sign the document: Enable "Send automatic reminders" under the Email Notifications Tab. Box will send reminders to recipients who haven't signed yet.

Step 4: After setting all the advanced options, click on the "Send" button to send the document for signature.

How to check the status or Modify a sent request

Box also allows you to see in real time the status of your sent signature requests and will also allow you to modify those requests after they have been sent.

This article covers how to check the status of the documents you send for signing: Viewing Request Status

This article covers how to change a request after it has been sent: Changing a sent Signature Request

How to create a Box Sign Template

Box Sign allows you to create and share templates.  A Box Sign template is a particular document with particular fields and formatting already saved, which can be easily sent to new people in the future.  This is ideal for a form that you will send repeatedly.

This knowledge base article from Box goes over the steps needed for creating, using, and sharing templates.

How to use the Batch Send Feature

Batch Sending of templates allows you to gather signatures from a list of recipients, using the same form.  Rather than sending sign requests one-at-a-time, Batch Send allows you to send the same form to an entire list of people.

This knowledge base article from Box goes over how to use Batch Sending.  Batch Send utilizes templates (as discussed above).

 How to use a Ready Sign Link

You can build a link to a signature request you've created using a template using Box's ready-sign link feature. When you don't know who the signers will be and you need to put a signature request on a public form, such as web page, email, or social media post, use this Box's ready-sign link.

To create a Ready-Sign link:

  • In your Box account window's left menu bar, click Sign.
  • At the top of the Sign window, click Templates.
  • Hover on the template you want to send for signature.
  • Next to the template's name, click the ellipsis "..." (see scree capture end of the document) and select Ready-Sign Link.
  • In the Ready-Sign Link window, ensure Link is active is selected, and click Link Settings.
  • In the Link Settings window, type instructions for the signer, choose where to save the request, and select the notification options you want to enforce.
  • Click Save.
  • In the ready-sign link window, click Copy. This copies the signature request link.
  • Paste the copied link into the form where you'll request the signature.  Signers will click or tap this link to access your document for signature.

For more information: Box supporting KA for Using Ready-sign Link

How to customize options on a Ready Sign Link?

Box Sign enables you to send documents to people for electronic signatures.  You can select who needs to sign, select the order in which people need to sign, and include additional fields such as date of signature, explanatory text, and check boxes.

For more information: Box supporting KA for Sending a document for signature

Guidance on ready-send links with multiple-signers’ workflows (can you have a ready sign link that then routes to multiple pre-configured individuals? Multiple individuals that the person initiating the document can put in?)

If you enabled automated reminders when you sent the document for signature, Box sends a reminder to anyone who hasn't signed the document.  Box Sign also enables you to manually send a reminder whenever you want.Also, if a recipient clicks the “decline" button on signing order, Box invalidates the entire request for signature, and no one else receives the request for signature.  You'll need to resolve the matter with the person who declined to sign, and then send the request again.

Checking the Status of Sign Requests

  1. Log in to your Pacific University Box Account.
  2. On the left-hand dash board, click on “Sign”.
  3. Click on “Sent Requests”.
  4. Locate the specific Sign request that you are looking for. Hover over it and “View Details" will appear.
  5. Click “View Details”.
  6. View current Status.

Canceling or Modifying Sign Requests:

  1. Log in to your Pacific University Box Account.
  2. On the left-hand dash board, click on “Sign”.
  3. Click on “Sent Requests”.
  4. Locate the specific Sign request that you are looking for. Hover over it and “View Details" will appear.
  5. Click More Options button (three dot’s next to View Details).
  6. Choose the option that you want to do (i.e. Delete Request).

Downloading Signed Docs:

  1. Log in to your Pacific University Box Account.
  2. On the left-hand dash board, click on “Sign”.
  3. Click on “Sent Requests”.
  4. Locate the specific Sign request that you are looking for. Hover over it and “View Details" will appear.
  5. Click “View Details”.
  6. Click Download.

Searching Through Sign Requests:

  1. Log in to your Pacific University Box Account.
  2. On the left-hand dash board, click on “Sign”.
  3. Type in your search criteria (i.e. recipients name) in the Search Requests Field.

See Also

For more information, please see the Box service catalog entry.

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