Box Sign FAQ

1. Can the signer access the document they signed after signing it? Via the email link? In their Box account?
Signers will see a pop-up message displaying, "You will receive an email with the signed document and signing log after all parties have signed."

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)After the document has been signed, each signer will receive an email with a link to view the document.  This link will work to access the document even if the signer does not have a Box account or does not have access to the folder where the signed document is being stored.

In addition, when a document is sent to be signed by someone with a Box account, that person retains a copy in their Box account in a folder called "My signed documents."

2. Who can a Box Sign request be sent to? Do recipients need Box accounts?
To receive and sign documents, recipients do not need to have Box accounts — anyone with an email address can receive and sign the documents you send.

3. Can I send “multiple files” in one sign request? 
Yes, once you begin a sign request, you can use the "+" symbol in the top left to add additional documents which are sent as additional pages in the same sign request.

4. How many people can sign one document?
You can specify the required order of signatures. Box enables you to define up to 35 recipients per signature request. Box sends your request individually and sequentially to each recipient in the order you specified.  If a recipient hasn't signed, Box does not send your request to the next recipient.

5. What types of files can I send for signature?
Box Sign supports most document, text, and presentation file types.  Any file type where "PDF Support" is listed as "Yes" on this Box article can be used with Box Sign.

6. How was a recipient able to add their own fields to the document I sent?
Box automatically adds the associated signers' email addresses to the email field of the document. Signers cannot edit the value of the email field.

7. What happens if I send a document for someone to sign without a signature field?
A signature field is required for each person signing a document, so if you don't place a signature field on a document, then the recipient will be able to add the signature field wherever they like to the document (along with other Box Sign fields).

8. Can I tell if a signee has forwarded the sign request to someone else to sign?
If they forwarded the email itself, then Box Sign will think that whoever clicked on the link is the person you sent the sign request to.  The new person may be identifiable as different than the intended recipient based on their signature or other form fields, but otherwise there may be no way to tell.  To prevent a document from being sent to another person to sign, you can institute a password, require two-factor-authentication or require the signer to have a Box account (see article on using these features).

If they used the Reassign option from within the Box Sign interface to reassign singing to another party, you'll receive an email letting you know that this has happened.  The email will let you know which address the request was reassigned to, and if this new document is signed then the new address will be recorded as signer in the records.

9. If I allow people to add attachments to a form being signed, where do I find those attachments?
They will be stored in the same Box folder as the signed document.

10. Do you have to have a Signature field in a document? 
Yes.  You can send a document without any form fields to someone to sign, but they will have to put the signature field somewhere on the document before they can complete the sign request.  If you put any other field on a document (e.g. date, checkbox, text field, radio button, or dropdown menu) then you must also add the the signature field before sending the document.

11. Can you re-send a document you’ve already sent?
Yes, but only if you make a copy of the signed document.  Box Sign will not let you re-send the original copy of the signed document for signature without first making a copy of it. 

12. When using a Box Ready-Sign Link, can the person initiating the sign enter email addresses of other people the document should go to? 
Yes.  When creating your template, add as many people as you need to be involved in the process.  Add them by functional name, not email address.  For example, if a form needs to go to a budget authority or academic adviser to sign off and/or enter information, you would add "Budget Authority" or "Academic Adviser" as named recipients, while leaving the email address field for these people blank.  You can then assign form elements (e.g. signatures, text boxes, etc.) to these roles.  Then create a Box Ready-Sign Link based on this template.  The person who clicks on that link will be asked to put in not just their own email address, but email addresses for those other roles, who will then receive the sign request in turn.  For more information, see Box's documentation on using Box Ready-Sign Links.

13. An email from Box upon completion of a sign request says "You can always sign in to your Box account to access all your signed documents."  Is that true?
It may be true.  Any recipient (Pacific or non-Pacific) whose email address corresponds to a Box account can log into their account and see any document they were involved in signing.  Any recipient who does not have a Box account but later signs up for one will be able to see their documents.  Some Pacific email addresses, however, are not eligible for a Box account (including those of Alumni accounts, organizational accounts, and those belonging to Google Groups) and so cannot access their signed documents in this way.  For these accounts, documents can be accessed using the link that came in the email (valid only for 2 weeks) or by asking the original sender for a copy.

14. Can Box Sign be used for forms that include Social Security Number?
No.  UIS does not consider Box Sign secure enough for use with SSNs.  Instead, we suggest SSNs be transmitted by live, synchronous methods like a phone call.

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