Known Issues with Boxer Apps & Boxer Mail

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This article documents current known issues with Boxer Apps.

  • For a small number of users, emails went missing during the conversion from Exchange to Gmail.  Anyone experiencing this issue should report it to us so we can re-run the conversion..
  • Locally stored emails were not converted automatically.  These must be uploaded manually.
  • For users using Outlook to check their Google Mail: in this setup, Outlook displays emails by the date the emails say they were sent, and not the date they were received.  Thus, an email with an incorrect date or time can appear lower in a recipient's Inbox, causing them to miss seeing it.
  • When using Outlook for Mac, the Junk folder doesn't always populate with new messages, and users sometimes have to click the "Get Mail" button to get stuff to show up there.

For more information, please see the Boxer Apps Introduction & Resources page.


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