Too Many Cookies Error in BoxerOnline

Too Many Cookies Error in BoxerOnline


You are unable to access BoxerOnline because of an error saying that "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached".


This error is caused by closing the browser window instead of clicking the “Close Window” button. The “Close Window” button is on the Section Information screen and the detail screens behind the Budget Summary screen.


Delete the excess browser cookies.

Firefox users:

  • Open up the Firefox browser.
    -Go to the browser Preferences under the Firefox menu.
  • Choose the Privacy tab.
  • Choose the remove individual cookies link in some versions, or List cookies in other versions.
  • Choose Remove all cookies.
  • Close and then restart Firefox.

Safari users:

  • Open up the Safari browser.
  • Go to the browser Preferences under the Safari menu.
  • Choose the Privacy tab.
  • Click the Remove All Website Data button.
  • Click the Remove All button in the pop-up window.
  • Press the Done button.
  • Close and then restart Safari.

Internet Explorer (IE) users:

  • Open up the IE browser.
  • Go to the TOOLS item on the Menu bar.
  • Choose Internet Options.
  • Choose the General Tab.
  • The second item down is Browsing History;
  • Click on the "Delete Browsing History on Exit" box
  • Click on the DELETE button
  • Check off all the boxes on the next page and click on the DELETE button on that page.
  • Press the Apply button. If the Apply button is greyed out, just press the OK button.
  • Close and then restart IE.

Chrome Users:

  • Open browser
  • Click the 3 dots in the top right
  • Click More Tools
  • Click Clear Browser Data
  • Select Cookies and other site data
  • Click Clear Data
  • Close and restart

*Please remember to always click the “Close Window” button if it is at the bottom of the screen. If you close the browser window the cookies do not get deleted.

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