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Box Sign is the primary electronic signature system maintained by Pacific University.  However, Box Sign is not approved for the gathering of Social Security Numbers or Patient Health Information, and it does not have some of the advanced features available in DocuSign.  Thus, Pacific also maintains DocuSign as a secondary electronic signature system.  UIS' contract with DocuSign only allows for a certain number of envelopes.  Additional envelopes can be purchased in packs of 1000 for as much as $3.33 each, but UIS is not budgeted to make this purchase.  In the event that additional envelopes must be purchased, the cost must be carried by the departments using DocuSign.  This document lays out the procedure for determining departmental quotas and the process for charging.


Envelopes are one or more documents sent, as one, to one or more signers, via DocuSign.  Sending a set of documents to get multiple signatures counts as one document, but sending multiple documents separately, or sending the same document more than once to multiple people uses multiple envelopes.  See DocuSign's documentation for more. 


Departmental Quotas

Departments were polled in April of 2024 to find out how much of their recent DocuSign usage was used for Social Security Numbers and Patient Health Information.  Based on those estimates, we projected for anticipated SSN and PHI usage for the next year, and gave each department that amount of envelopes towards their quota.  Then, the remaining available envelopes were split up between each department based on on their relative historical use of electronic signatures.  (In order to not penalize departments that were quicker to move to Box Sign, we measured relative e-signature use from the period of 6/1/22 to 6/1/23, prior to Box Sign being made made available, to measure overall electronic signature needs.)   Through this process, all currently purchased envelopes for the DocuSign year have been apportioned amongst those departments using DocuSign, giving each department a quota of envelopes for yearly use

Quota Reports

UIS will send our contacts for each department/program an updated report on their quota usage approximately 3 months, 6 months and 9 months after the beginning of the DocuSign service year.


Our DocuSign service year ends on April 30th of each year.  At the end of each service year, each department using DocuSign that has exceeded quota will be assigned a prorated portion of any overage costs UIS had to pay for DocuSign usage that year.

Departments using DocuSign will only be charged if they have gone over their quota for the year and if UIS must pay un-budgeted charges in order to keep DocuSign available.  Overage charges are expected to be approximately $3.30 per envelope with a minimum charge to the university of $3,300.

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