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[Internal] Information on Examsoft Instances

Pacific University programs use separate Examsoft instances that have their own unique settings and administrators.

Adding Game Consoles to Wireless Using Boxer Connect

Instructions for connecting game consoles to Pacific University WiFi

Antivirus Information for Personal Devices

Information regarding antivirus software for personal devices

Comcast setup in Student Residence Halls

Information for students wishing to order Comcast services in their residence hall room.

Examplify Core Isolation Memory Integrity Error

A fix to the ExamSoft error "Invalid System Configuration" - "Examplify is not permissible with core isolation memory integrity enabled".

How To Connect a Game Console to Ethernet in a Residence Hall

There are two ways to connect a game console to the internet via Ethernet in your Residence Hall.

Installing and Using Pharos Xerox Copiers - Windows

The Pharos print system allows users to print to the cost-per-page printers located in Forest Grove and Hillsboro campuses and is available to all students, faculty and staff. This document includes installation and print instructions for Windows OS.

Microsoft Office for Students

Options for Microsoft Office for students

Windows How to Install and Use Pharos Printers

Installing and using the pharos printers on windows machines