Create an Examplify Exception in Windows Defender


Any anti-virus program can potentially perceive Examplify as a threat and prevent it form operating correctly. Some anti-virus programs must be turned off completely before using Examplify, others can be told to ignore Examplify. This article shows how to tell Windows Defender to ignore Examplify.

Pacific University uses Examsoft testing software that provides students with a stable exam environment for tests and exams. NOTE: UIS is not the primary support this application. For support, refer to the information in "Additional Resources" section of this article.

  • Audience: Pacific University Students
  • Platform: Windows
  • Application: ExamSoft


  1. Open the Windows Defender Security Center by clicking the shield icon in the task bar or searching the start menu for Defender.
  2. Select Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Add or remove exclusions.
  3. Under Add an exclusion, select folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Examsoft and click OK.
  4. Go to the section in the settings for Controlled folder access and click Allow an app through Controlled folder access. Navigate to and select C:\Program Files (x86)\Examsoft\Examplify\Examplify.exe.

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Additional Resources

Contact ExamSoft directly so they can help you resolve error messages, if you are still needing assistance. They are the most knowledgeable about the system and why may be receiving error messages.
ExamSoft contact information (

  • There should be a “chat” option in the bottom right of the screen which might be the fastest way.
  • Email
  • Phone in US & Canada: 866.429.8889, ext. 1; International: +1 954.429.8889, ext. 1. The help desk is typically open 24/7.

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