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In addition to the normal print options to the public Pharos printing system, users can also submit print jobs via email or upload them via the web interface ( This provides an alternative method of sending jobs to print when the normal print drivers are not loaded or you're using a mobile device (iPad, Android, etc.).

Submitting a Print Job Via Email

To send a print job by email simply attach the document to your email and choose one of the following addresses.

Double sided printing is activated by default.

Once it is sent and received you will get a confirmation email.

Supported File Formats

  • Microsoft Office i.e. (doc, dot, xls, csv, ppt)
  • Image files (jpg, png, gif)
  • Text file (txt)
  • PDF documents (pdf).

Releasing the Print Jobs

After sending the print job you should get a confirmation email that your job has been received.

The print job can then be released in two different ways:

  • The first option is to sign in on copier you wish to print to and select the job you want to release.
  • The second method is to follow the link in your confirmation email which will redirect you to the web release page ( Once signed in, you can select the job and pick the copier to send the job to. You can change the properties of the print from the web interface as well such as color, duplex. and number of copies.

The list of available copiers can be found under Destination. See Pharos Printer Locations for a list of locations.


If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your return email address. Email addresses are automatically registered and will be set to use your primary (customized) email address by default. If your return address is set to, it might not get recognized. Contact help if you experience problems.

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