Acquiring new university software and devices, deployment on in-stock equipment, removal of no longer needed equipment, and technology recycling

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Apple Purchasing - Mac and iPad

All Apple Computers and Devices must be purchased through UIS. To do so, please open a Ticket.

Computer Purchasing For Specialty Purposes Decision Workflow

It is in the best interests of the university to have as much uniformity amongst university-owned computers as possible and to apply security software and settings.  Therefore, UIS allows deviations from standard models, standard security software and standard settings only when specifically required.

Computer Recommendations - Incoming Pacific University Students

A recommendation of various beneficial technologies for incoming students.

Purchasing a Biomedical Device or Instrument

Healthcare clinics looking to acquire biomedical devices can expedite the acquisition and implementation of their technology by preparing in advance some of the required information for University Information Services to complete a security review and assessment.

Because of the time involved with assessment and implementation of these devices in partnership with the requesting department, the documentation outlined below should be included in a UIS Project Request submission

Technology Purchasing: Computer Growth & New Employees

Unrestrained growth of university-owned computers strains UIS support resources, as well as lifecycle replacement budgets.

Technology Purchasing: Home Use

This article applies to technology (hardware or software) that is needed for work purposes at a location not supported by UIS (e.g. an employee's home) or on a computer not supported by UIS (e.g. on an employee's personally owned computer).

Technology Purchasing: Pre-Purchase UIS Consultation

Consulting with a UIS staff member prior to making a purchase can help to ensure that you are purchasing the best technology available at the best price, that your intended use does not violate licensing agreements, that your technology is secure and that you select technology that UIS is best able to support.

Technology Purchasing: Technology Ownership

All technology purchased with Pacific University funds (including grant funds and research funds), or donated to the university, is deemed to be owned by the university as a whole, and not by any particular department or employee.

Technology Purchasing: Who Pays For What

A brief description of which departments pay for various technology products.

Access your University Adobe ID and Creative Cloud Apps

How to access the Adobe Creative Cloud Applications for the first time.