Computer Purchasing For Specialty Purposes Decision Workflow

Note: This procedure has been adopted on a provisional basis, pending feedback from the University Technology Committee.

It is in the best interests of the university to have as much uniformity amongst university-owned computers as possible and to apply security software and settings to every computer on the employee network.  Doing so reduces the risk of malware infection and reduces the support burden to employees who manage and support technology.  Therefore, UIS allows deviations from standard models, standard security software and standard settings only when specifically required.

Decision Workflow

Note: All purchases that include a computer require a pre-purchase consultation by UIS before the order is made.

A new computer needs to be obtained for a specialty purpose, e.g. to connect to a particular scientific or medical device.  Consult with UIS about the requirements associated with this purpose and to compare those requirements to current UIS standard computer models.

  1. Does the option exist to obtain a non-vendor-provided computer for this purpose?
    1. If Yes, UIS will obtain a computer separate from other purchases of instrumentation or other technology, go to step 2 to determine model.
    2. If No, a computer is shipped by the vendor of the device or service with no provide-your-own-device option, go to step 4 to determine what operating system and software will be used.
  2. Does a current UIS standard model of computer meet the hardware requirements for this purpose?
    1. If Yes, obtain a UIS standard model of computer through UIS, then go to step 4 to determine what operating system and software will be used.
    2. If No, go to the next step.
  3. Does any Dell professional series or Apple computer meet the hardware requirements of this purpose?
    1. If Yes, obtain that model of computer through UIS, then go to step 4 to determine what operating system and software will be used.
    2. If No, work with UIS to quote and obtain a computer from another manufacturer or from the vendor (wherever possible this should be a computer that meets UIS minimum hardware recommendations, e.g. solid state hard drive rather than spinning drive, minimum 128GB hard drive).
  4. Will the UIS standard software image (which includes Windows Education or latest MacOS, Sophos, Active Directory connection, JAMF or SCCM, UIS recommended settings) work on this computer?
    1. If Yes, nothing prohibits these from being put onto the computer, this computer will be imaged by UIS when it arrives.
    2. If No (because the software or hardware requires a different operating system, because the computer comes from the vendor with a pre-loaded operating system that cannot be reimaged, or because something in the UIS standard software image interferes with the software running on this device) then go to the next step.
  5. Can the computer run JAMF or SCCM, Sophos and be regularly updated to the latest version of its operating system?
    1. If Yes, UIS will install JAMF/SCCM and Sophos and the computer's operator is required to assist UIS in regularly updating the operating system and other security-sensitive software on the computer.
    2. If No, the computer cannot be connected to the regular network.  It must be either kept offline (with UIS disabling or blocking wireless and ethernet connectivity on the machine) or a special restricted network must be created for the machine.

All computers purchased or obtained above must be asset tagged and recorded in UIS' asset database as soon as they arrive or be documented in the UIS ticketing system with an exception.

Insufficient budget is not a sufficient reason to depart from UIS standards.  Where budget does not allow for the purchase of a standard computer, work with UIS to obtain a used computer from stock instead.

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