Technology Purchasing: Computer Growth & New Employees

Computer Growth

Unrestrained growth of university-owned computers strains UIS support resources, as well as lifecycle replacement budgets.

Whenever a new computer is obtained for use by any department, by any method (paid for by the department, paid for by UIS, donated, received via a bumpdown request to UIS) it is assumed that an older computer will be replaced and that older computer will come back to UIS storage.

Any exception to this pattern, in other words: any computer growth, must be approved in advance by the CIO (Chief Information Officer) or a UIS manager. The following are typically considered good reasons for computer growth:

  • The addition of a new department.
  • The addition of a new full-time position.
  • The addition of significant student worker coverage.
  • The creation of a new grant funded lab.
  • The purchase of a new piece of scientific equipment that requires an attached computer.

In some cases, the CIO may allow a growth computer but under the agreement that is will not recieve the highest level of UIS support (see Service Level Agreement for Computer Support: Support Levels) and/or that it will not be eligible for lifecycle replacement funding.

New Employees

New employees who are replacing outgoing employees (in other words, where an existing position is being re-filled) are expected to use the computers of their predecessors.

New employees hired for new full-time positions should receive new computers. Typically, the money to buy such a new computer should be part of the startup funding for the new position or associated department (much as the purchase of furniture, phones, etc. should be budgeted for). In those cases where a computer is not budgeted for, UIS maintains a small contingency fund for purchasing new computers.

When growth computers that are eligible for UIS lifecycle replacement funds are issued, UIS will request a budget increase for future replacement of the growth computer.

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