Support and Maintenance on your pacific issued technology and Information regarding technology checkouts

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Computer Return After Employee Departure Procedure

These procedures apply to supervisors or employees who coordinate personnel changes and computer deployment within a department.  They describe the procedure for dealing with a computer when an employee leaves employment at the university, and the procedure for obtaining a new computer when a vacated position is re-hired for.

Department printer setup for non-University computers

How to set up a non-University computer to print via the FG or Hillsboro print servers.

Device Care and Responsibilities for University Employees

niversity employees who are issued a university-owned computer or tablet are required to sign an agreement acknowledging their responsibilities for care of the device.

Installing Printers via the Print Server (Windows and Mac)

This article details the steps necessary to connect a university computer to a university networked printer

macOS Updates and Patch Management Policy

This policy explains the update procedures and user communication regarding System Updates on University Managed Mac computers.

Physically Cleaning Your Computer

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidelines and recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces at home and in the workplace. Pacific University operates a number of facilities with shared computer resources, such as computer labs and healthcare clinic exam/charting computers, where disinfection of frequently touched surfaces may be critical to limiting the spread of infectious diseases

Service Level Agreement for Computer & Software Support

This document defines University Information Services (UIS) support for the computing environment for faculty, staff and student desktop and laptop computers. The computing environment includes the health and workability of the computer itself, and of monitors, mice, keyboards and other peripherals, and the computer’s ability to communicate with other computers and printers on the wired and wireless networks. The terms of this SLA do not specifically apply to enterprise data systems, health reco

Supported Operating Systems and Known Issues

UIS verifies operating systems to ensure that they will work with university systems. Users may experience issues that UIS will be unable to resolve when using operating systems that are not fully compatible, or have not yet been vetted as fully compatible, with our systems. See the Service Level Agreement for Computer Support for more information on levels of support.

Troubleshooting Connections to Public Wifi Networks on Apple Computers

There are known difficulties connecting to public wifi networks on Apple computers.  This guide gives some potential troubleshooting methods to try.