Device Care and Responsibilities for University Employees

University employees who are issued a university-owned computer or tablet are required to sign an agreement acknowledging their responsibilities for care of the device.  The document is sent via DocuSign as part of the deployment process.  The latest version of the document contains the following information:

Device Safety

Should your device be stolen, damaged or misappropriated while located off the Pacific University premises you may be financially liable for repair or replacement costs.  To protect your device, please:

  • Do not drink liquids over the device.  If you spill liquid on your device, immediately turn it upside down and power the device down. As soon as possible, bring to the Forest Grove or Hillsboro Helpdesk locations for inspection.
  • Never leave your device in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.  This is where most consumer electronics are stolen.  If you must leave your device in your vehicle, lock it in the trunk.
  • Never put anything inside the laptop when you close the lid (e.g. a stack of papers).  This can crack the LCD screen.
  • Always place the device on a hard, flat surface when operating it (otherwise fan vents can become blocked and the device can overheat).  Never place it on a heat source.
  • Never pack the device in regular checked luggage.  Airport baggage handlers break many devices.

Confidential Records

You should never put confidential student, patient or employee information on any data storage device without encryption or some other form of protection.  Your device has been provisioned with password protection and disk encryption.  However, you should always inform UIS immediately in the event of any loss or theft. 

Management Tools

UIS has provisioned your device with tools to keep your data secure and to aid in management.  To avoid creating security vulnerabilities:

  • Do not uninstall or stop anti-virus, anti-malware, or client management software UIS has installed.
  • Do not install any other antivirus or anti-malware software.
  • Do not turn off disk encryption (Bitlocker on PCs or FileVault on Macs).
  • Do not reimage the device, reinstall the operating system, or restore your machine with Time Machine or Migration Assistant.

Password and Password Management

You should never share your password with anyone or write down your password. Should you need it, UIS has password management software that can save and create passwords in a secure way. For more information, contact the Helpdesk.


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