Computer Return After Employee Departure Procedure

These procedures apply to supervisors or employees who coordinate personnel changes and computer deployment within a department.  They describe the procedure for dealing with a computer when an employee leaves employment at the university and the procedure for obtaining a new computer when a vacated position is re-hired for. 


When an employee with a university-issued computer leaves employment at the university, the following should happen:

  1. The supervisor should ensure that the employee's computer is returned to the Hillsboro or Forest Grove Helpdesk locations.  If assistance is needed detaching a desktop computer from its peripherals, call the Helpdesk for assistance.  Please be sure to return the power supply and any adapters that were provided with the computer.
  2. Upon receipt of the computer, the manager or executive assistant would submit a Helpdesk ticket for the return.  A confirmation of the return of the computer will be sent to the person who coordinates computer purchases and deployments for that department (typically an office manager or executive assistant).  Along with this confirmation will be a voucher for the deployment of a computer (of the same age or newer) to the person who gets hired as a replacement for this position.
  3. After a brief period the computer is wiped and reimaged with a fresh software image.  Before the image is wiped, the Helpdesk is able to assist with requests to retrieve files from the computer.
  4. When the position is re-hired, the person in receipt of the voucher sends a request to UIS to prepare a computer for that new employee (notice of two weeks or greater is ideal).  The requester sends along the unique number for that computer voucher (which is also the same as the ticket number for the ticket created).

Notes about vouchers:

  • The voucher will list the age of the computer to be deployed to the new employee, which is based on the age of the computer that was returned to UIS at the time it was returned.  For instance, if a 2-year-old computer was returned to UIS, the voucher will be for a computer that is, at the time the rehire is made, 2-years-old or newer.
  • If a computer was at UIS-suggested replacement age when the computer was returned to us, the voucher will be for a brand new computer for the new employee.
  • When a new hire is made, the voucher can be traded for any of our standard models of computer (including Macs and PCs).  The computer type being requested does not need to match the type of the computer that was turned in.
  • A request for a computer for a new employee that does not include a voucher reference is assumed to be a growth computer, which is typically charged wholly to the department making the request.
  • If a voucher is for a non-new computer, but the department wishes to assist the new employee in getting a new computer, the voucher can be traded for partial payment towards a new computer.  The amount UIS pays is based on how close the computer is to UIS funded replacement and the cost of a standard model replacement.  For example, if a computer was returned after 2 years of a 4 year replacement cycle, and the current cost for a standard model replacement is $1400, then UIS will pay $700 towards the cost of a new computer.  If the department in this example wants the new employee to have a $2,000 upgraded model computer, the department would thus pay only $1,300. 
  • Specially upgraded computers (those that have capabilities or stats not found in our standard model laptops) will be held for the person being re-hired in this position.  In this case, the voucher will specify the model and asset tag of the computer being held.
  • We ask the people receiving vouchers to store and track them and provide them to UIS when a new hire occurs.  However, if the person who normally keeps vouchers is not available at the time the rehire occurs, contact UIS and we can find the voucher in our records.

Besides an employee's primary computer, any other asset tagged item that was provided for their sole use (e.g. iPads, secondary computers) should be returned to UIS to be made available for potential re-use.  For devices that were under that employee's name but that are used by multiple people (e.g. a lab computer, a student worker station) it is sufficient to let the Helpdesk know the asset tags and the name of the employee now responsible for those devices.

Sample Voucher Text

This is confirmation that the computer with asset tag [tag number], previously used by [outgoing employee] was returned to the Technology Helpdesk on [date].  The following entitles you to a computer, as described below, to be deployed when a new person is hired for this position.
  Voucher Number: [ticket number]
  Computer Type: Any standard model computer of [returned computer age] years old or newer.
  Peripherals Returned With Computer: [any adapters, monitors, special keyboards, special mice, etc. returned with the computer]

Note that this voucher can also be traded for UIS co-payment towards a new computer of any model.  See our knowledgebase article for more information.

When you have an anticipated new hire date for a replacement for this position, please use the "Request a Computer for a New Employee" form in the Employee Computers and Lifecycle Replacements service and reference this voucher number.

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