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UIS verifies operating systems to ensure that they will work with university systems. Users may experience issues that UIS will be unable to resolve when using operating systems that are not fully compatible, or have not yet been vetted as fully compatible, with our systems. See the Service Level Agreement for Computer Support for more information on levels of support.
This article details the steps necessary to connect a university computer to a university networked printer
Installing and using the pharos printers on windows machines
The Pharos print system allows users to print to the cost-per-page printers located in Forest Grove and Hillsboro campuses and is available to all students, faculty and staff. This document includes installation and print instructions for Windows OS.
Setting up BoxerMail (Gmail) in Microsoft Outlook for Windows
This article explains how to import locally stored emails (called Archives, Outlook Data Files or PST files on the Windows side, On My Computer folders on the Mac side) into Boxer Mail (Gmail).
How To "Send As" Your Preferred Email Address in Outlook