Event and AV Tech Help & Training

Provided To

Pacific University Students, Faculty, and Staff.  External groups should contact Conference and Event Support Services.  Students should contact Student Activities.


UIS can provide event and audiovisual setup for academic events at the University. 

The primary form of support the Helpdesk provides for events is:

  • Meeting with the event sponsor prior to an event to provide training or work out how to achieve the sponsor's goals.
  • The loan of equipment to supplement that already found in the room, or setup of that equipment in a room prior to an event.
  • Being on-call to provide support if anything goes wrong during an event (during normal business hours and on the Forest Grove and Hillsboro campuses).

The Helpdesk does not typically provide during-event support (staying through an entire event to assist) or event support off-campus or after regular business hours, except under special request from Conference and Event Support Services.

Make certain that if you are setting up an event that you have reserved the space in EMS or with Conference and Event Support Services to ensure no issues with double booking of locations.

UIS Support Level

Partially Supported

Subject Matter Expert

Classroom Technology Specialist (Dale Miguel)

Timing Factors

For the best experience please provide 1-2 days lead time on requests that are dealing with rooms that already have equipment installed. For locations that will need technology checked out please provide 2-3 days lead time for scheduling. 

More Information

Service Level Agreement For Events Requiring Audiovisual Support

Event and AV Setup/Training Request


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