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Students, Faculty, Staff, and some sponsored accounts.


Apporto is a cloud based virtual computer lab.

Apporto access must be granted before a class can access Apporto.

Students can use Apporto to

Faculty can use Apporto to

  • Use Windows, and Linux software
  • Integrate software tools directly into Moodle courses.
  • Request access to Apporto for their class.

Chrome is the recommended browser for Apporto. For more information check out the Apporto FAQ.

Hosting Type


UIS Support Level

Fully Supported.

Subject Matter Expert

Apporto Admin (Zachary Abela-Gale)

Apporto Admin (Brian King)

More Information

Apporto FAQ

Apporto Help Center


Log On To Apporto Request Access to Apporto Apporto Change Request Report an Issue With Apporto Request Apporto Information

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Apporto has many tools available to students and faculty. University Information Services has developed this Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer questions about these features.
Apporto supports a Moodle Integration to let students sign directly into Apporto from Moodle, and automatically assigns any class resources to them. If you're using Apporto for your class the Moodle Integration is the best way to have students sign into Apporto.
SmartVS is available in Apporto for faculty and students using macOS. This article provides basic troubleshooting steps to faculty and students.


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