Statistical Software

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Students, faculty and staff.


UIS recommends the following for university students, faculty and staff needing statistical software:


This is a quantitative statistics package that UIS maintains a site license for.  Our licensing allows SPSS to be placed on any university owned computer.  We cannot install SPSS on personally owned computers of faculty and students.  Our license for SPSS allows for its use for academic and research purposes only.  To use SPSS for university business purposes, contact UIS about buying an a la carte license.

On university-owned computers, SPSS can be downloaded via the Pacific University Self Service app (Macs) or the Software Center (PCs).  Copies of SPSS on university-owned machines that need a new annual license can also obtain a new license via these methods.  SPSS can be accessed by students and employees via Apporto, our web-based virtual desktop system.

On request, SPSS can be added to a University computer lab.


R is a free, open-source qualitative statistics package.  Some faculty at Pacific teach using R.  UIS also installs R in many UIS-maintained computer labs.


Nvivo is the preferred qualitative statistics package of many Pacific University faculty.  We do not have a site license or special pricing for Nvivo, and licenses should be purchased by departments utilizing Nvivo's educational pricing.  Note that the Business Office will request a note of UIS approval when receipts for the purchase of Nvivo (or any other software) are submitted.

UIS Support Level

SPSS is fully supported by UIS.  Other approved statistical packages are partially supported.

Subject Matter Expert

IT Director (Brian King) is responsible for purchasing and provisioning of statistical software.

Timing Factors

SPSS is licensed on a yearly basis.  Users with SPSS installed on their computers, either personally-owned or university-owned, should check in yearly to get the newest license codes and enter those.  License codes typically arrive in mid to late August of each year.   

More Information

Computer Labs (including "Report a Problem" and "Request a Change")

Technology & Software Purchasing (including "Request Evaluation, Security Review & Approval for a Purchase")

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