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all known issues with boxer apps
Student, faculty and staff devices should generally connect to the BowerWireless wifi network at Pacific campuses and locations. To set up a device to connect to this network, open a web browser on that device and go to and follow the instructions there. You can do this from anywhere you have internet access. If you are on campus and need temporary (and limited) internet access to be able to connect to the Boxer Connect webpage, use the "Boxer Connect" wireless
This article gives information about connecting devices to BoxerWireless, the primary wireless network for use by faculty, students and staff on all our campuses and locations.
If you are unable to access BoxerOnline because of an error saying that "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached'" you will have to delete the excess browser cookies.
Pacific University provides the Boxer Guest wireless network as an option for guests to Pacific University to gain temporary Internet access. Boxer Guest is available in most of the buildings on the Forest Grove campus, the Hillsboro campus (excluding the Tuality 7th Avenue Medical Plaza), and several of our remote sites (MFA office, Hawaii office, Eugene Campus, and Woodburn Campus).