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Report Phishing Messages | Google Drive Scams | Beware Unsolicited Duo Pushes | Protecting Students and Coworkers From Phishing | Learn More About Avoiding Scams
UIS Staffing Changes | Review Your Campus Voicemail from a Web Browser | Ensuring Box Folder Continuity During Employee Transitions | Profile Management in Google Chrome |
Summer Wireless Upgrades | Farewell Google Hangouts, Hello Google Chat | Pacific Has Joined eduroam! | UIS Donations Support Youth in Gambia | Goodbye to Internet Explorer | Google Tip: Make a Boxer Mail or Google Calendar a Standalone Window | Boxer Mail For Employees - One Year In
Hillsboro Staff Transitions
Box Edit for Apple File Types
Boxer Mail Tip: Unsending Messages
Box/Google Problems Resolved
Restrictions for Symantec Endpoint Protection on June 1
Request Year End Purchases by April 25
Computers with Symantec Endpoint Protection Restricted After June 1
Delayed Responses on Senior Projects Day
New Appropriate Use Policy
Boxer Mail Tip: Make Mail Links Open Boxer Mail
Shared Google Drive Content Can Be Exposed
UIS Purchase Deadline is April 25
Google Ending Support for Less Secure Apps
UIS Project Request Changes
Welcome Mathew Flaherty to the UIS Team
Invoice Scams Go Beyond Email
Google Tip: Finding Emails For and By People
Zoom Recordings in the Cloud Expire After a Year.
Daily Message Limits May Affect Mail Merges
Out-of-Date Computers May Be Restricted
Beware of YouTube Community Guidelines Violations
Google Chat and Interface Changes Coming
Multi-Factor Authentication Change
Google Tip: Send Mail As
New Features in the BoxerOnline in February
Don't Forget To Check Your Spam Folder
Reporting Missing Request Types and Ticket Types on the Services Portal
Continuing Improvements to Boxer Wireless 
Dealing With the Log4j Vulnerability
Reaching Out for Missed Computer Updates