April 2022 Employee Technology Newsletter

It is exciting to see our campuses in full swing and most of our students gearing up for finals early next month. In UIS, we continue to work on a variety of improvements in our electronic health records, data systems, and wireless infrastructure. Stay warm and remember your UIS team is just a phone, email, or Zoom connection away! 
Thank you and go Boxers!

Brandon Gatke

Request Year End Purchases by April 25

April 25 is the final date for making information technology procurement requests through UIS. Due to end-of-financial-year deadlines, UIS cannot purchase technology on your behalf after that date (although in many cases we can give permission to make purchases). You can request UIS technology procurement or permission to make a purchase through the Technology and Software Purchasing page on the Services Portal.

Computers with Symantec Endpoint Protection Restricted After June 1

UIS has transitioned from SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection) to Sophos as the antivirus software for all university-owned computers. A few computers are running SEP, which is now badly outdated and insecure, and we have been making every effort to communicate with the employees responsible for these machines. Starting June 1, in order to close this security hole, any computers still running SEP will be restricted from accessing most internet sites. Removing SEP and installing Sophos is an easy procedure that can be done with a visit to our always-on Zoom Helpdesk meeting.

Delayed Responses on Senior Projects Day

On Wednesday, April 20, most Helpdesk staff will be occupied supporting undergraduate students who are giving their senior presentations as part of the annual Senior Projects Day. Those seeking help for other issues may experience delayed responses on that day.

New Appropriate Use Policy

A new version of the university's Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology has been approved and published. The next time you log into the myAccount system you'll be asked to agree to the latest version of the policy. Featured in the latest version of this policy is an expanded section on privacy protections and procedures for student and employee data.

Boxer Mail Tip: Make Mail Links Open Boxer Mail

When you click on a mail link on a webpage, your computer will try to start a new message in whatever it thinks is your default mail program. This can lead to annoyance if the program your computer tries to open is not the one you use for email. If you use Boxer Mail through the web as your email program, you can set it to become the default handler of these mail links. See this knowledge base article for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.


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