How To Set An Out-of-Office Greeting


The following instructions can be used to set an out-of-office greeting for your voicemail.

An out-of-office greeting, if setup using the following instructions, does not overwrite a user's standard greeting. Likewise, when disabling an out-of-office greeting,the greeting remains on a user's voice mailbox until enabled again or overwritten by recording a new greeting.

There are two ways to record, and enable/disable, an out-of-office

Through the Telephone

Note: When setting an out-of-office greeting through the telephone, the greeting will automatically enable itself once you have recorded and saved your message. If you do not want the out-of-office greeting enabled immediately, you will have to log back into your mailbox after setting it to remove it, or set your recording through the web.

  1. Access your voice mailbox
    (See Using Pacific University Voicemail for more information)
  2. Press 7 1 3 3 from the Main Menu
    • If a recording already exists, the system will play it back to you to review
  3. Press 2 to set a new recording OR Press 5 to enable the current recording
    • You may hang up if you pressed 5 at this point
  4. Press 2 to begin recording
  5. Press 2 to end recording
  6. Press 5 to save your new recording
    • Other options are available, such as reviewing, discarding, or redoing your recording

To Remove the Out-of-Office Greeting: If an Out-of-Office greeting is enabled through a telephone, the system will remind you of this when you next access your voicemail. Pressing 4 at this prompt will disable the greeting.

Through the Web

Note: The following instructions still require the use of a telephone for the voicemail system to call, however it does not need to be your desk phone. If setting an out-of-office greeting from a different phone, please refer to the WPM Settings section of our Web PhoneManager KB article for information on how to change this number.

  1. Log into the
    Web PhoneManager
  2. Click Personal Settings from the left-side menu
  3. Click the Recordings tab, if not already selected
  4. Click on the blue Out-of-Office Greeting text under the
  5. Press the red Record button. Your phone will ring shortly
  6. Answer the called phone and begin recording your greeting
  7. Press the blue Stop button when finished recording then hang up
    • If you hang up before pressing Stop, the system will record
      the sound of your handset clicking
  8. Press OK to save the recording OR Press Cancel to discard the
    recording and try again
  9. On the Recordings tab, check the Enable Out-of-Office Greeting
    check-box located at the bottom of the page
  10. Press OK to enable the Out-of-Office greeting

To Remove the Out-of-Office Greeting: Un-check the
Enable Out-of-Office Greeting check-box on the
Recordings tab and press OK.

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