Using Pacific University Voicemail


This article contains basic information on how to access Pacific University voicemail for staff and faculty.

Different systems exist for users from some of the University's remote sites. If information for a particular site does not appear in this article, it will be added in the future. If you have any questions in the mean time, please contact the Technology Information Center.

Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Portland Area Campuses

Accessing Your Mailbox

  • From Your Desk: Dial extension 3000 and enter your security code.
  • From Elsewhere On-Campus: Dial extension 3000 from a University phone.
    If prompted for a security code, press star (*).
    Follow the prompt to enter your mailbox number and security code.
  • From Off-Campus: Call 503-352-3000.
    Follow the prompt to enter your mailbox number and security code.

First-time Setup of Voicemail

  1. Call extension 3000 from your office phone
  2. Enter the default security code
  3. Follow the system prompts to:
    • Record your name (Please record first and last name)
    • Record a personal greeting
    • Change your security code
  4. Once completed, you may hang up.

Note: Voicemail security codes can be anywhere from 4 to 15 digits long but currently have no other restrictions.

Commonly-used Functions

The following section contains quick information for common functions within the voicemail system. For a more comprehensive list of options, please refer to the Quick Reference Card

Recording Your Greetings: Press 7 1 3 from the Main Menu.Press 2 to record your Standard Greeting. Press 3 to record and set your Out-of-Office Greeting.

Setting an Out-of-Office Greeting:   For a full description on how to set an out-of-office greeting, please see our knowledge base article How To Set An Out-of-Office Greeting.

Disabling Out-of-Office Greeting: If an Out-of-Office greeting is enabled, the system will remind you of this when you next access your voicemail. Pressing 4 at this prompt will disable the greeting.

Slowing Down/Speeding Up Message Playback: Press 4 to slowdown or 6 to speed-up message playback.

Quickly Deleting Messages: Press 3 6 during message playback.

Changing Security Code: Press 7 1 4 from the Main Menu.

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