UI 6 Introduction & Resources

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UI 6 is the standard user interface to access the Colleague (by Ellucian) system.

Before You Start

  • Use Chrome. For a desktop shortcut that will open directly in Chrome (even if you don't use Chrome as your default browser), download the zip file from Box here https://pacificu.box.com/shared/static/ocbpwm51uzfuvvr79y9d70cfvnb4zzzq.zip. Right-click the zip file, and then choose "Extract all..." Then you can move the shortcut from the folder it's in onto your desktop.

    • Special Note: We strongly recommend that you run Chrome in incognito mode when using UI. This will prevent any browser extensions, as well as some cache and cookie issues, from interfering with how UI works. The shortcuts noted above will automatically open UI in incognito mode. If you usually get to UI using the links on the Online Tools site, you can right-click the link and choose "Open in incognito window" (Chrome must be your default browser for this to work). If you have saved the UI links as bookmarks in Chrome, you can right-click the bookmark and choose "Open in incognito window".
  • Enable popups for https://ui.eds.pacificu.edu.

  • If you use adblocking software for your browser, disable it for https://ui.eds.pacificu.edu.

Getting Started With UI 6

Additional Resources


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