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  • Audience: Pacific University staff, faculty and students
  • Platform: Windows
  • Application: Rise Vision


  1. Review the university Digital Signage Policy
  2. Complete a UIS Project Request form to describe your specific use and purpose of the sign. This allows UIS to review and recommend appropriate equipment and sizing of hardware
  3. Contact Facilities to review and approve the desired location of the signage and to coordinate contractors required for the project
  4. Work with UIS to get quotes and coordinate ordering of digital signage equipment including display and computer  and also to create the sub-company account for your department
  5. Coordinate with MarCom give access to university templates
  6. Begin reviewing Rise Vision training materials and the User Documentation web site
  7. Work with other university content managers as a support group for campus digital signage users
  8. Work with UIS to Establish links to campus emergency communications system as that is incorporated into digital signage
  9. Department is responsible to provide time for content managers to be self-trained using the free and paid resources provided on the Rise Vision website.
  10. Manage all custom development requested through Rise Vision or other third party vendor integration

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