Multi-Factor Authentication With Duo

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Faculty, staff and employee-type sponsored accounts.


Duo is a Multi-Factor Authentication system that provides additional security for Pacific employee accounts by requiring a second factor be used to prove one's identity when logging in.  This second factor could be:

  • Affirmatively answering a "push" request send to the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.  (Requires the phone or tablet to have an internet connection)
  • Entering a security code produced by the Duo Mobile app, or by a security token.  (Does not require the phone, tablet or token to have an internet connection)
  • Putting a Yubikey device in the USB port of the computer one is logging in from. (While supplied last, Yubikeys can be provided to faculty and staff by the Helpdesk.)

Duo authentication is required for each Single-Sign On login.  A "remember me for 7 days" option, if selected, will not require a login on that web browser on that device for one week.

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Fully Supported

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Senior Systems & Database Programmer Analyst (Brandon Browning)

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