Self-Enrolling to Duo

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The following document provides instructions on how to self-enroll to the Duo Multi-Factor Authentication environment.



Before you can use Duo, we need to create your account there. Please follow these steps:

  1. Log into myAccount
  2. Click on "Duo MFA" from on the left menu, under your picture and account information.
  3. Click the Enable button.


Now that your account has been created in the Duo environment, you must enroll a device. Duo provides an Enrollment Guide that you may want to look at before you continue.

  1. If you plan to use a smartphone or tablet, first download the free Duo Mobile app onto your device from the Android or Apple app stores.
  2. Click the Start setup button.
  3. Choose a device to configure. Both Duo and Pacific recommend a Mobile (smart) phone. Follow all the prompts to ensure you are enrolled. When you get back to the "My Settings & Devices" screen, you are fully enrolled.
  4. It may take university system ~5 minutes to synchronize with Duo and recognize that you are fully enrolled.


The next time you authenticate to the university Single Sign-On environment, you should be prompted for your Duo authentication after you have successfully authenticated with your PUNet ID and PUNet password. Welcome to multifactor authentication!

You can also use your Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode (also called a TOTP).  Just tap on the Pacific University entry in the app to generate a passcode.  This is a great way to authenticate if you don't receive a Duo Push Notification you are expecting.

Adding Additional Devices

University Information Services recommends you register at least two different devices to Duo, and we recommend a security key as a backup authenticator. By having a backup authenticator, it will allow you to get into your account should you forget -- or lose -- your primary device. You can add additional devices right from myAccount:

  1. Log into myAccount
  2. Go to your profile, which can be found by clicking on your PUNet ID in the upper right of your browser window and selecting "Profile". If you do not see that option, switch your role and you should see it.
  3. Click on "Duo MFA" from on the left menu, under your picture and other information.
  4. Authenticate to Duo, which is required before making any changes.
  5. Click the "Add another device" link at the bottom of your device list.
  6. Follow the prompts.

Your new devices will be available as soon as you enroll them.

For more information, please see the Duo service catalog entry.


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