How To Edit Speed Dial Digital Labels

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This document provides instructions for editing the digital
labels of one-touch speed dial keys. Without being edited, a
speed dial key will have the default label of SPD. This feature
allows you to modify this label to make the speed dial destination
number easier to recognize.

Note: This feature is specific to the DT730 model of NEC phones
(These are easily identified as having two digital displays -
one for phone information and one for line information).
Users of other phone models do not have digital labels for
speed dial keys.

Editing The Labels

Note: The phone will automatically cancel any of the following
actions after approximately 20 seconds of inactivity.

  1. Locate and press the NAME function key on the phone's lower screen
  2. Push the speed dial key for which you wish to edit the label
    • If necessary, use the Scroll button again to find the correct key
    • Once selected, the upper display of the phone will change to the label editor
  3. Use the dial pad to enter your desired label
  4. Use the phone's
    soft keys
    to confirm, cancel, and perform other edits:
    • >>> - Use this key to scroll through available functions
    • <- - Move the cursor left one character
    • -> - Move the curosr right one character
    • BK - Delete one character to the left of the cursor
    • INS - Insert one space to the left of the cursor
    • DEL - Delete one character directly above the cursor
    • -Eu-l - Change capitalization (Will say -Eu-s when set to lowercase)
      • Press this soft key multiple times to switch between capitalizations
    • SET - Confirm changes and set the new label
    • CLEAR - Delete all characters (start over)
    • CANCEL - Cancel any changes


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