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This article is about internet access in off-campus residences around the Pacific University campuses. For information about internet access on campus, see our articles on BoxerGuest and BoxerWireless.

Free and Low Income Options

Federal Subsidies

As of 2022, the Affordable Connectivity Program will allow eligible households to receive up to $30/month discount on internet service and a one time up to $100 to assist with purchase of a computer or tablet.  Eligibility includes households that participate in SNAP, WIC or other federal assistance programs.

Comcast (aka Xfinity)

  • Comcast has offered to delay the first few months for SNAP eligible internet-only customers. The price is $10 per month. See Internet Essentials.
  • Normal Comast pricing is $60/mo+.
  • Comcast is currently offering free access to their Wi-Fi hotspots. Speeds and availability are limited. See Wi-Fi Finder.


  • In some states, Frontier is offering its Lifeline Discount Program to people who are eligible for SNAP or other assistance programs.  This program is not being offered in Orgeon.

Rural Wifi Options

Celluar Hotspots

Most phones have the ability to turn on a mobile hotspot to provide internet, through your cellular data, to other devices over wifi. Be careful of any limits to or charges for data in your cellular plan. See How to Turn our Phone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

During the COVID-19 crisis, some companies (e.g. T-Mobile) have temporarily removed data caps for people that need to use their cell phones as Wi-Fi hotspots.

Some cellular service providers also sell or rent dedicated hotspot devices, such as the Verizon Jetpack.

Cellular internet may not meet the needs for high-bandwidth applications such as live video.

Municipal Fiber

Some cities have reduced-cost high-speed internet access coming soon for residents. See:

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